Aisha and Nex: Name Meanings & Symbolism

“Aisha” is an Arabic name that means “life,” “alive,” or “she who lives”. All living things need water, which is Aisha’s element.

“Nex” is a Latin word (not a name) that means “death” or “murder”. Rainbow focused on the first definition: “death”. The Winx fandom tries to connect this to his personality or alignment and assumes he might be a villain, but nothing in Winx Club suggests Nex is evil. He was named Nex to contrast with Aisha’s name.

To further contrast with her character, Rainbow designed him with elements that represent her opposite:

  • She has dark skin, and he has light skin.
  • She has blue eyes and brown hair, and he has brown eyes and blue hair. (UPDATE: The new art style in Winx season eight sadly changed this. Aisha’s eyes are greenish now. ? But she had blue eyes in seasons 2-7, so I think this was Rainbow’s original intention.)
  • Her hair is wavy like the rolling ocean (water), and his hair is shaped like a flame (fire).

These are a few reasons I call Aisha and Nex “The Yin-Yang Couple”.

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