Aisha and Nex: The Copycat Couple

Have you noticed Aisha and Nex copy and mirror each other a lot? They strike the same pose or follow each other’s actions. Here are some of their copycat moments.

“Mystery of Calavera” (Winx Season 6, Episode 15)

Nex rode the wave, then Aisha followed suit. (Also, they held out opposite hands.)

“Legendary Duel” (Winx Season 6, Episode 24)

They caught the cupcakes the same way, then turned to each other at almost the same time (Nex was a little faster).

After Nex took Aisha’s hand, they were in mirrored poses for the rest of the scene.

“Mission in The Jungle” (Winx Season 7, Episode 11)

They stood in the same pose, reacted the same way, then turned in opposite directions while still in the same pose! It’s like they planned it!

“Back To Paradise Bay” (Winx Season 7, Episode 16)

C’mon, Nex. You’re making it too obvious.

“New Magic Harmony” (Winx Season 7, Episode 25)

Was that some kind of mime act before they hugged?

Why Are They Doing This?

“So what? Real-life couples mimic each other all the time.”

True, but I don’t think Aisha and Nex are doing it just because they’re in love. I think it’s part of their Yin-Yang theme.

Look at the halves of a Yin-Yang. They’re the same shape in opposite colors and facing opposite directions. I think Rainbow is trying to imitate that effect by having Aisha and Nex mirror each other.

I’ll be watching them in season eight. I bet I’ll catch more copycat moments. ❤️

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