Aisha and Nex Are More Than a “Ship”

The Winx fandom just sees Aisha and Nex as a “ship”. Some people “ship” them; some people don’t. Simple as that. (By the way, I still hate that word.)

So when I talk about this couple with the fandom, I have to focus on what’s happened so far in Winx Club. Aisha and Nex are Winx characters, after all. What else is there to them?

So much more. That’s why I’m frustrated.

Shipping is a response to how the writers present a couple’s story and the characters in it. But the ideas behind Aisha and Nex’s relationship don’t belong to Rainbow or Winx Club. They’re universal.

Aisha and Nex aren’t just a Winx couple to me. They’re a wealth of interesting ideas trapped in a kids’ show about sparkly fairies. I’m not making fun of Winx Club. All I mean is setting is important.

This was the wrong setting for them. I think that’s the real obstacle for Aisha and Nex. They’re in the wrong story at the wrong time. But that doesn’t mean they’re the wrong couple, no matter what some Winx fans think.

Aisha and Nex need a story that highlights the ideas in their relationship. They also need a place where they can stand out, instead of being upstaged by a dozen other main characters. That’s why I’m writing my non-Winx story “The Thread”. Without the history, limitations, and rules of Winx Club, this couple can show how unique they are.

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