Finding Aisha/Nex Fans

I want more Aisha/Nex fans to know about my blog, but I don’t know how best to reach them. Problem #1: they’re hard to find. As we know, most of the Winx fandom hates this couple. ? The people who love them tend to hide their feelings for fear of being hated and insulted. (You think I’m exagerrating? I wish I were.)

Problem #2: I don’t want everyone in the fandom to know about this blog. It needs to stay mostly secret for now. We don’t want a bunch of haters to come here, do we? (Unfortunately, talking about Aisha and Nex still attracts more haters than fans. ?)

How do we spread the word to the right people?

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March 2, 2019 8:53 am

I know it’s really hard to find people who like Aisha and Nex! It’s so sad that people just can’t accept them! I think Nex is great! I don’t see anything wrong in Nex!

Reply to  Tori
March 8, 2019 2:14 pm

Exactly! People are like Nex is like a Riven 2.0 but why are they supporting Riven? People are all over the internet saying Riven deserves another chance but Nex is hated for 00000 reasons! They don’t show any reason that made them hate him, they just hate him and that’s it!

Nex is hated because they all think Nabu is the best! Also they ship Aisha with Roy……….. I am like how can they ship Aisha with Roy and hate Aisha with Nex?

Roy is totally trash(in my opinion) he acted as if he was the boss. In an episode of season 5(I can’t remember exactly), Roy told the winx, ‘let me go first, it might be dangerous’ what does he mean? The winx have won several battles with enemies like darkar and valtor and Roy is totally acting like the winx are weak cause they are female…. otherwise he wouldn’t say it because he doesn’t know any spells that can protect him like the winx.. so therefore he is powerless! And he is thinking the winx are even more powerless….

The fanworld can never have a specific reason for hating Nex! They just want to hate him and that’s it!

Reply to  Tori
March 10, 2019 8:57 am

It’s really annoying! I just wish Musa doesn’t get back into a relationship with Riven again! Yesterday I literally wrote a comment on instagram saying Riven is hot?????lol??? not to insult but honestly? Riven? I think he is the ugliest compared to the specialists…. also just to mention, that hot pinky purple hair…….for a boy it looks crazy to me….?

If I was Musa I wouldn’t give any chance to Riven at all! He is soooo mistreating!

Talking about Roy…… I kinda get offended that Rainbow named him Roy…cause it’s my surname! I just can’t stand him! Annoying guy!

Speaking from my view Nex is one of the best characters in the entire series! He’s nice, smart and actually good looking too! (I think)