Aisha and Nex: A Colorful Couple

Colors are a huge part of Aisha and Nex’s theme, Yin and Yang:

  • Aisha is “black” (dark-skinned) and Nex is “white” (light-skinned). This could be a visual pun, since the halves of a Yin-Yang are literally black and white. Regardless, having opposite skin tones creates a contrast between them.
  • Aisha has brown hair and blue eyes, while Nex has blue hair and brown eyes.
  • Aisha’s main colors are blue and green (cool colors), while Nex wears a lot of red and orange (warm colors).

I had a thought not long ago. What if Aisha and Nex get married? Yeah, that’s a typical thing to think about (and hope for) when you love a fictional couple. But what I mean is how would it affect their symbolism? I think it would add to it in some interesting ways.

Forgive my lame artwork. This is from Inktober last year.

Wedding Colors

What colors do the bride and groom traditionally wear? Black and white. How about that?

Even better, the bride wears white, and the groom wears black. Not only would it contrast with Aisha and Nex’s skin tones, but it could also represent each of them gaining what was missing from their lives. The white is Nex’s wildness and freedom, which Aisha has been seeking since season two. The black is Aisha’s sensitivity and seriousness, which is what Nex needs in his life.

Donning these colors, the partners will symbolically — and literally — become their ideal selves.

The Color Purple

Purple is associated with royalty, so Aisha and Nex could start wearing it when they become the rulers of Andros. But it wouldn’t just be a cliché color choice for them. It would be the perfect color to continue their symbolism.

Purple is an equal mix of blue and red, part of Aisha and Nex’s color schemes. To quote

Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red….Because the purple color is created by combining a strong warm with a strong cool color, the color retains both warm and cool properties.

The combination of two strong colors. And both colors stand out. Perfect for the combination of two strong people who each stand out on their own.

Also, the temperature of purple can change depending on its undertone. A blue undertone creates violet (blue purple), and a red undertone creates magenta (red purple). Violet is a cool color, and magenta is a warm color.

This gives Rainbow a couple options. They could either dress Aisha and Nex in purple (no undertone), or they could dress Aisha in violet and Nex in magenta (or close to it). The first option would represent perfect unity, while the other would show that they’ve kept what makes each of them unique but are still one.

Next-Gen Skin

I gave Renata, my next-gen OC, a skin tone that’s somewhere in between Aisha’s and Nex’s. That’s what you’d expect for a child of a black and white couple — of course, genes are funny things, and every person is different — but it also works symbolically for her. She is “rebirth,” the combination of “life” (Aisha) and “death” (Nex). It makes sense for her to look like an even blend of her parents.

* * *

The more I notice about Aisha and Nex, the more I love them. ❤️ Rainbow, I hope you realize how special these two are. Their potential is immense. Use it!

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