“Um, Actually…” #6: The Correct Correction

Did you guess the mistake? Here’s the statement again:

Though Aisha and Nex’s first on-screen date was romantic, it didn’t end well. After Aisha finished her story about her new friend Squonk, the couple leaned in for a kiss but was blocked by Squonk himself, who fell from the ceiling and landed between them. This moment may have been foreshadowing, since the Fairy Animal figuratively came between them a few episodes later. Aisha and Nex fought over her choice to bring Squonk to the present and Nex being unkind to him. The subplot ended when Nex warmed up to Squonk in episode 10.

It might have been tricky, but NerdyPrincess2 Mollz came up with the correct correction:

Um, actually, Aisha wasn’t telling a story about Squonk. She was telling him about how she and the Winx had defeated Brafilius, with the help of a mother dinosaur.

Yep! Aisha didn’t mention Squonk during her story (at least not the part we came in on). She mentioned him for the first time after he blocked her and Nex as they tried to kiss. (Darn you, Squonk! Why? ?)

Congratulations, NerdyPrincess2 Mollz! Tune in next week for another “Um, Actually”!

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