How do I keep ending up as that girl who loves something everyone else hates? It happened when I was a kid, too. My favorite show from sixth grade onward was Digimon, but my classmates thought it was childish and stupid. They made fun of me constantly for liking it. (One of the things they did to me almost got my school sued!)

I don’t remember having any friends who liked Digimon, so I didn’t talk about it much to anyone. After all, I’d only get teased for it. In fact, one of my classmates tricked me into thinking they liked the show, just so they could get a laugh out of hearing me geek out. It turned out they only knew a character’s name because their little brother was a fan.

That was before social media. I’m sure I would have been able to find fellow Digimon fans online. But with Aisha and Nex, I have hardly anyone to enjoy them with in real life or online.

I feel the same way I did when I was young, but now it’s amplified. Feeling like an outsider around 100 people is one thing. But millions of people? That’s a level of loneliness I never thought I’d feel. ?

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September 25, 2018 12:07 pm

You know how it feels being a true Winx fan that truly enjoys the show and not just pretends to? You know how it feels being one of the few people buying the dolls, magazines, dvd’s, books, figures, and all other merch?

You know how it feels fighting against millions of people who prefer some French, horribly written, badly animated crap featuring children in Halloween costumes with unoriginal names and straight up copied plots (Marvel would sue zagtoon if they were aware of the whole situation), but at the same time trash a beautifully designed, inspirational show just because it’s Italian or because the 6 girls have different nationalities (and aren’t all from the same dump)?

Reply to  Tori
September 25, 2018 1:41 pm

I’m sorry people have caused you so much harm. But I also wanna thank you for creating this WordPress blog, so there’s at least some sort of content coming (any positive Winx content is appreciated). It’s a shame there’s still this hate towards Nex. I immediately liked him…But then again I don’t try and force Rainbow to use my ideas or concepts. Nabu’s death hurt and I cried (and I don’t do that often) but it was necessary. Plus, it showed that anything can happen to our heroes (I even had a dream about one of the girls dying back in ’09, that’s how much it hit me). But I was willing to accept Nex and I still do.

Reply to  Tori
September 25, 2018 1:13 pm

I only want you to understand why it’s necessary to be united as a community and I want you to stay in the fandom. Donna seemed to be willing to stay as well, so that makes 3. I don’t know about Power Charmix, Knight or Will (and the other unadinoi visitors) but if they wanna stay active, I’d more than welcome them to “unitedwinxers.wordpress.com” (once I have figured out how to update that site, of course…It looks pretty dull as of now and I’m not sure what to do with it yet).

And I do hope to read some thoughts about Spirit Riding Free from you as well. I love the show but I wanna see what others think about it and since you told me you liked it too, another blog (or article, or forum or whatever) dedicated to the show would be

Plus, you’re not one of those “bronies”/”miraculers”, so that’s a big plus for you in my book. And you’re passionate about Nex and Layla, so that’s another part I respect you for.

Reply to  Tori
September 25, 2018 12:44 pm

I know YOU don’t watch that crap but others sadly do. Some even claim that this trash is superior to Winx Club. Those are the fake fans we don’t need. Winx should get all the love and praise and yet it is mostly pissed on for one of the following:

-females too sexy for the target audience (ironically claimed by the same people who constantly fap to Black Copycat or Crappybug…9 year old children in Halloween costumes! But yeah Winx is “too sexy”…)
-females with dark skin (claimed by obese magatists who hate diversity and basically any non-caucasian character)
-females with long legs
-females with big breasts (claimed by conservative parents who freak out when they see a girl on the street not wearing a burqa)
-females with big eyes
-females with wings (it’s a fantasy show, duh!)
-females with curly hair
-females with long hair
-“gay” females (because being homosexual is an illness for conservatives for whatever reason)
-lots of other (mostly misogynistic) shit
-“episodes suck after seqson 3” (but at the same time applaud every episode of micrapulous and little phony, no matter how much they suck or how illogical they are)

You know how hypocritical they are? They target Winx but at the same time treat the above mentioned crap as the Holy Grail. And the worst of all is, I can only block them, nothing else (I wish I could be Frank Castle just for one night). The only thing we can do is make the Winx community stronger! We need to be united. We need to fight against everybody that wants to trash Winx just because they are too dumb to understand Rainbow’s most famous show. We need to stick together now more than ever!

September 25, 2018 12:47 pm

Being alone sucks but compared to how many people hate the Winx Club, convincing all the fans to accept Nex seems to be a walk in the park.

Convince the haters to watch Winx though? Impossible. They rather support micrapulous and little phony and make their creators rich instead of doing something useful with their money (like buying Winx merch or donating it).

Reply to  Tori
September 25, 2018 1:03 pm

I’m starting to quit on them as well. Stupid people just can’t be cured, unless they somehow find a way to cure themselves (if that’s even possible).