Instagram Slightly Warming Up to Aisha and Nex, Everywhere Else Still Cold

Has the Winx fandom started to change their minds about Aisha and Nex? I don’t think so.

Instagram (surprisingly) seems to be the only site where a shift is happening. I’ve seen a lot of positive Aisha X Nex posts lately, mainly by Russian Winx fans. (Winx season eight premiered in Russia last month.) The @aisha.and.nex page has also seen a spike in new followers.

Other sites like Tumblr, DeviantArt, Amino, and even the “Russian Facebook” VK remain the same. To be honest, I didn’t dive deep into them, but my browsing and Google searching didn’t turn up much positive Aisha X Nex content — or any content at all.

That’s something else I’ve noticed. The fandom seems to be talking about Aisha and Nex less than they were before. I wonder if the Spiral of Silence is to blame. Maybe some fans are starting to like this couple, but they don’t feel comfortable admitting it because Aisha X Nabu and Aisha X Roy fans still control the fandom.

Speaking of those fans, some of them still reject Aisha and Nex, of course. I’ve still seen the typical comments in some places: “Roy was better”, “Nabu!”, “I hate Nex!”, etc. On Instagram, most of the anti-Aisha X Nex comments have been from that one hardcore Aisha X Roy fan, but some people agreed with them.

The bright side is still only half of season eight has aired and still only in Italy and Russia. If the Sirenix arc didn’t change people’s minds about Aisha and Nex, maybe future episodes will. Plus, other fans might warm up to this couple after the season premieres in their countries. (I’ve heard that Turkey is next.)

There’s still a chance. The fact that this couple is becoming more popular somewhere in the fandom is encouraging. Let’s focus on that — and other positive comments we’ve seen — for now.

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June 16, 2019 5:01 am

Youtube seems to still be petty over Layla and Nex, there i still have conversations with
people not wanting to accept Nex, and him being together with Aisha.
A person even wrote to me that Layla fell in love with Nex ”because of his jealousy
and aggressive”. What a kind of bullshit is that. I almost bursted out of laughing.
He even said that Layla and Nex have ”a toxic relationship”.
That person was just ripping things out of the air, not even listening to my facts,
and they always say things like, ”Stop with trying to be right”
which is exactly the behavior THEY DO.

July 5, 2019 3:10 pm

[…] Like I said a few weeks ago, the Instagram Winx fandom is warming up to Aisha and Nex faster than the rest of the fandom. I’ve seen a lot of new posts: screenshots (mostly from season eight), edits, videos, even a fanfic! Also, more and more fans are starting Nex accounts (roleplaying as him). It’s weird to see the Aisha accounts fighting over them. ? […]