Every Little Bit Helps

Sometimes, I feel like that by leaving the Winx fandom, I abandoned Aisha and Nex.

I spent so much time defending them.

I tried to prove that Nex isn’t a Riven clone like everyone insists he is.

I tried to show why Aisha and Nex are great for each other and how he fits into her story.

I explained their symbolism and how it plays into their relationship.

I made drawings and edits of them.

But none of it mattered.

No one was listening.

No one cared.

I felt frustrated and lonely, so I gave up.

But now what?

The Winx fandom still mocks Aisha and Nex every day.

They still call Nex a jerk and say he’s a Riven clone.

They still say Nex is wrong for Aisha.

They still pretend the two of them aren’t together.

Nothing has changed…except that I left.

Even if what I was doing had little to no impact, I was still a different voice.

I was still one of the few people cutting through the negativity.

Aisha and Nex can’t speak for themselves.

Rainbow can speak for them, but they won’t.

I have to speak for this couple.

I hope that season eight will change the fandom’s minds about them.

Maybe everyone will finally see what I see in these two and will love them like I do.

Until then, I can’t stop defending this couple.

I don’t want a big presence like I had with Una di Noi Winx.

But maybe if I only posted pictures of Aisha and Nex or only edited their Wiki page — small things to support this couple.

I don’t have to interact with the fandom.

All that matters is that Aisha and Nex get more positive attention, instead of the constant negativity.

I’m gonna try.

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