Changing The Memory of Aisha and Nex

Aisha “picked the wrong guy”.

Nex is “a copy of Riven”, “a jerk”, and “an a-hole”.

Aisha and Nex are “a bad couple” and “a horrible concoction”.

That’s not how I want Aisha and Nex to be remembered after Winx Club is over.

I want people to believe Aisha made the right choice, and she’s with the right guy.

I want Nex’s negative reputation to disappear and for him to be welcomed by the audience.

I want this couple to be celebrated through fan art, fanfiction, GIFs, edits, videos, and more.

But I’ve given up on the Winx fandom.

Most fans are too biased and bitter to ever fall in love with this couple.

Some fans claim to love them, but they won’t let themselves get fully attached to them.

Fortunately, the Winx fandom’s judgments of Aisha and Nex — as a couple and individually — are not final.

There are billions of other people in the world.

I’ll build a new audience for this couple.

I admit I don’t know how yet, but I’m determined.

I won’t let Aisha and Nex be a hated couple forever.

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December 1, 2018 8:47 pm

well i think you can do what you set out to do

Valory P. fears Winx Club's success! (@ValoryFearsWinx)
December 2, 2018 12:38 pm

You have my support.

NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
December 2, 2018 12:46 pm

So I suppose this would involve introducing this couple to an audience that hasn’t seen Winx Club and getting them attached. I’m not sure how to do that, but I have some ideas, and I’m willing to try them. Someone will see the potential in this couple.

Does anyone on Earth even care about Winx Club?!? (@LoverOfWinxClub)
Reply to  Tori
December 4, 2018 4:47 pm

I agree. There is no joy to be found in this fandom any longer. For someone who lives and breathes Winx Club this is a big slap in the face. They think they’re so great with their OCs and made-up transformations, all the while they shit on Winx. That is not what a true Winx fan behaves like. A true Winx fan wants the show to be as successful as it can be and sees the positivity even in the small things that Rainbow does. But most of the fans just follow the show so they can get themselves some subscribers/followers. They wanna become famous and once they feel they have enough popularity, they abandon Winx Club (Valory Pierce being the most prominent example). I don’t know what to do. It’s all for nothing.

Does anyone on Earth even care about Winx Club?!? (@FuckThisSpecies)
Reply to  Tori
December 4, 2018 4:24 am

I always thought we are a big fandom, with millions of people in it. I’m not even sure anymore if we can crack the 10.000 mark. Those 15 years mean nothing. “Most successful magical girl show” means nothing. It all means nothing. The Winx has accomplished nothing while some baby show that debuted 3 years ago has already passed Winx. I don’t understand this world any longer.

I also wish I had never even signed up to Twitter. All the negativity towards anything Winx (including Nex) is hurting me deeply. Sure, the recent seasons aren’t perfect and I’d rather have the quality of the older seasons, but I do see potential in the “new” Winx and it’s not all bad after all! They did succeed with some story elements, the songs are cuter than ever, lots of the outfits the Winx got are fine, the environmental plot from season 5 is actually pretty good, the world got expanded, we finally got to know what happened to Tecna’s and Flora’s parents (I seriosuky thought before season 6 that they were dead). There is something to enjoy about the newer seasons as well. But all I see from others is hate, moan, complain. Winx 8 hasn’t even graced our TV screens and it already gets bad reviews because of the looks of the girls. What if they look like 13 year olds now, but the writing and story gets more mature?! Wouldn’t that be worth the trade? Besides, I think the gals are sweet…kind of like Regal Academy, so what is the problem. Plus, we don’t know if this art style isn’t some sort of an in-universe plot device. Nex suffers from the impatience and prejudice too. He has to become like Nabu right now, no time for redeeming himself, or growing character-wise. They didn’t bitch around that much in 2004-2012. On the other hand social media wasn’t as popular when Winx seasons 1-5 aired for the first time as it is now.

I don’t know what to do. The damage is done, I’m not looking forward to Winx 8 or anything anymore. Because no matter what happens, the fandom has already decided it’s going to suck. World of Winx was fresh, creative and fun. But what did they all complain about? “What have they oine to Winx?”, “1-3 is perfect, everything else sucks”, “fuck you rainbow” and the like. Rainbow has already lost, the fandom will hate everything they can for hatred’s sake. At the very same time, they applaud EVERYTHING mlb does, even if it copies Winx Club. Such hypocrisy makes me even more sick.

Why is the Winx fandom so stupid, immature and full of double standard? When did it turn the way it did? And why didn’t I keep away from it, lived my life like before (’08-’17) and only read few fanfics here and there? Had I kept my fingers from Twitter and company, I’d probably not have the fucking depression any longer. But I wanted to talk about Winx with what I thought were intellectual people. Big failure. Apparently, I still have lots to learn about human nature. And now I am here and they have hurt worse than they could have with a slap across my face.

I like Winx. Winx is my achilles heel. And the self-proclaimed “Winxers” have used my weakness to hurt me. I don’t know if I even wanna be part of this fandom anymore. Perhaps I should join those I despise(d), talk hours about “adrian” and waste my time writing stories about “Alya” (I would still hate Valory Pierce for trashing Winx, though). Or I become one of those crazy people who stuff their room with pink horses and go to the “bronycons”.

I have never been unhappier to be a Winx fan than I am now. It’s not Winx that made me feel this way. It’s the so called “fans” that have. They ruin the fun I had thinking about all the Winx characters. You’d think they’d be wise but they have traded any wisdom for stupidity. They’re no better than a New Yorker street gang jumping on helpless, innocent people.

Long story short, I hope you prosper with your project. Write a book, tell me the title and I’ll buy it.

Does anyone on Earth even care about Winx Club?!? (@FuckThisSpecies)
Reply to  Tori
December 4, 2018 2:22 am

I wish you luck. I wish it all changes for the better (Winx, Nexisha, Regal Academy…) but right now I see nothing but a black hole. Yes, it feels hopeless. Nothing will change anything. 15 years or 150, Winx won’t ever get the love, support and appreciation it deserves. The same can be applied to Layla and Nex. It’s all for nothing.

Do your best. Perhaps you have more success. I do wish it, I just don’t expect it. We are a small niche of fans after all that just can’t compete with the enormous fanbases of Voltron, Avatar, Spongebob and now (sadly) Mlb.

Does anyone on Earth even care about Winx Club?!? (@IAmSoDoneHere)
Reply to  Tori
December 4, 2018 12:52 am

I have given up as of today. Not just on these two, but on making Winx Club popular as well. It’s become clear that those illitearte, unwashed mouthbreathers would rather masturbate to “Adrian” (sadly not the one from the Rocky franchise though) and Marionette than to even consider giving Nex and Layla/Aisha a chance. I’m so fucking done with this dumb species that I sadly am a part of. Everywhere you look at, you get these dumb characters from the baby show but Winx?! Does anyone know or care about Winx? No! 15 years and it’s all for nothing. All the fucking fanart, videos, fanfictions and official merchandising have been for nothing. Spirit and Regal Academy have it even worse. It’s all for nothing. The human species is simply too stupid to appreciate the gift that is Winx Club. Hell, they even don’t appreciate Star Trek Deep Space 9 and instead cry about some “babylon 6” show that hasn’t aired for decades. I hope you’ll find the audience you’re seeking but I wouldn’t count on it. As soon as those humans see that the characters you’re using are from Winx (or Regal Academy, Spirit, DS9…), they’re either gonna ignore them or trash them. Try your best but don’t expect anything from this dumb species. I for one am done. Winx could have been here for twice as long and those assholes still would have treated it with less attention and respect than some other show that’s been going on for a quarter of that length.

Humans say they want “more female empowerment”. They get SIX powerful girls that could destory a planet with their witchcraft and what do those humans do? Either ignore them or trash them (“bland characters”, “big eyes”, “not realistic”, “too white”, “too brown”, “too perfect”, “too imperfect”, “too skimpy”…pick one). I have enough of this garbage species.

NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
December 3, 2018 10:35 pm

Question: I finished that piece of fanart I mentioned last week, and I want to email it to you. Does your email address from the other blog still work, or is there a different address you’d prefer for me to send it to?

Reply to  NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
December 4, 2018 11:15 am

i can’t wait to see that piece of fan art