Beyond Inktober

I’ve been trying to learn figure drawing for years. Aisha and Nex have been my biggest inspiration, since I wanna draw more fan art of them. (Yes, that’s not the best motivation, but if it gets the job done, why not?) My Inktober art this year is better from last year’s, so I feel like I’m on the right track to significant improvement. Why slow the momentum?

I’ve decided to try again. But this time, I use my goal to track my progress. I’ll start by drawing heads, but I’ll turn them into Aisha and Nex’s heads. Then I’ll move onto the neck and torso, adapting them to Winx Club‘s style. (I might use the new season eight style, but I don’t know what Nex will look like yet.)

It might be confusing to learn proper anatomy and caricature/exaggeration at the same time, but it’ll be encouraging to see improvement right away.

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