Anything Goes

I hate how anything goes in the Winx fandom (possibly all fandoms). People will say anything about any character, and even if it’s not canon, you’re not allowed to challenge it. It’s their opinion, so it’s automatically right. ?

Nex gets dragged through the mud every day with myths, stereotypes, off-the-cuff accusations, and theories that aren’t supported by the canon. But no one can say anything against them because they’re “opinions”, which magically means they can’t be wrong.

I think this quote says it better than I can:

A so-called opinion that is not thought out or has no concern for evidence is an assumption, not an opinion.

The idea you can just say whatever you want, and it’s true just because it came out of your head, is ridiculous. Canon is still canon. Yes, it can be interpreted different ways, but if you’re not gonna respect or even consider what the writers intended, then you’re just making stuff up.

The Winx fandom’s version of Nex is a caricature of the real Nex. It’s not even close to what Rainbow intended. I just hope the writers found a way for Nex to endear himself to the fandom in season eight.

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