Winx Season 8: Does Nex Know Who Valtor is?

When a new character joins the cast of a long-running series, we assume they don’t know what’s happened up to that point. Nex can’t know who Valtor is, right? He wasn’t in Winx season three, so how would he?

Time out. Just because the Winx and Specialists didn’t know Nex yet doesn’t mean he didn’t exist. It’s the same with Aisha. She debuted in Winx season two, but she’s been alive since long before season one.

Whether a new character knows what’s happened so far depends on who they are and on the world of the series.

“Into the Depths of Andros” (Winx season 8, episode 8): Nex gives Aisha flowers

Nex is about the same age as the Winx and Specialists. Unless he’s from Earth (highly unlikely), he’s also lived in the Magic Dimension since before the events of season one. That means he was around in season three during Valtor’s first attempt to conquer all the realms.

Supposedly, Nex never fought him. But are there ways he could have heard about him? Yes.

For starters, the Magic Dimension has TV and an Internet like we do. In “At the Last Moment” (Winx season 3, episode 19), Stella found out about her father’s marriage to Countess Cassandra through a news report. The Winx comics also showed the Winx learning about conflicts in other realms — Eraklyon, for example — through TV.

Couldn’t Nex have seen a report about Valtor somewhere?

Also, unlike Darkar and the Trix (in Winx season one), Valtor wasn’t a Magix-only threat. He attacked several realms and their people like he’s doing in season eight. We don’t know where Nex is from yet, but couldn’t Valtor have visited or affected his realm, too?

Final Thoughts

Nex imagining Valtor (edit)

We can’t be sure unless Rainbow confirms it, but I think Nex would know who Valtor is. He must know by now. Surely someone told him what he and his friends are up against.

But it’s better for Rainbow to show us than let us assume. I hope they address this in the second half of season eight.

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September 12, 2019 6:57 am

[…] Winx fandom assumes Nex has no idea who Valtor is. That might not be true. See this post for why I think Nex does know who he […]