“Nex and the Specialists” Follow-Up: Winx Season 8

Years ago on my old blog, I wrote a post about Nex’s relationships with each of the Specialists in Winx seasons six and seven. With an eighth season now in the record books, how did my thoughts and predictions hold up? Let’s take a look.

Nex and Sky

I think Nex and Sky are good friends. They’re not best friends, but you can tell they like hanging out together.

Nothing’s changed between these two. They’re still friends but not best friends. Most of their interactions in Winx season eight were just Sky barking orders and Nex following them (which still makes him different from Riven).

Speaking of barking orders, I mentioned that Nex is the secondary leader of the Specialists like Aisha is the secondary leader of the Winx Club. But because Sky was Captain Picard this season, we didn’t get to see much of Nex in command. Oh, well. Maybe next season (if there is one).

Nex and Riven

I didn’t think I’d ever have to talk about these two (besides why they’re not the same), but they barely interacted with each other, so there’s nothing to talk about. They worked together to help evacuate the beachgoers in “Valtor’s Shadow” (Winx season 8, episode 13)…because Sky told them to.

If there’s a season nine, I’m sure Rainbow will give Nex and Riven at least a few scenes together. But I hope they never become close. The last thing Nex needs is the Winx fandom comparing their relationship to Nabu’s relationship with Riven. ?

Nex and Brandon

Nex acts like an annoying younger brother who likes getting on his nerves….These boys got along better as the season went on, but don’t be surprised if they fight in the future.

I think I called it. Nex and Brandon still don’t get along, but the shoe was on the other foot this season. Brandon teased him, and Nex had to be the big brother in one scene. (It didn’t work.)

Regardless, these two can work together when they need to, and they care about each other as teammates. But if there’s another season, I think we’ll see more of them annoying each other.

Nex and Helia

I think Rainbow’s trying to establish them as best friends. They’re affectionate with each other like Sky and Brandon are.

Well, there goes that theory! Nex interacted with Helia this season even less than he did with Riven! At least their one, brief moment seemed pleasant. Seriously, this is the only one I remember.

They’re still friends, of course, but it seems like Rainbow gave the title of “Nex’s best friend” to our last Specialist.

Nex and Timmy

These two are a funny pair…They seem to like putting each other in awkward situations, yet they genuinely like and respect one another….Nex seems closer to Timmy than to Sky and Brandon.

I should have known after that weird dancing scene at the end of season seven. It’s interesting, since some Winx fans see Nex as a bully. Making the guy who’s easiest for him to pick on his best friend might help counter that image. Sure, he likes teasing Timmy sometimes, but it’s not meant maliciously.

This friendship also breaks my theory that Nex’s relationships in Sky’s squad mirror Aisha’s in the Winx Club. Her official best friend is Flora, not Tecna.

Although have you noticed Aisha and Tecna have had more scenes together lately? The season eight episode “Between the Earth and the Sea” (episode 23) revolved around the two of them having a fight. And they interacted with each other a lot in World of Winx. (I’ll never forget these funny faces.)

I guess Rainbow wants to show more of their “brains and brawn” dynamic. It’s classic, after all. If so, maybe they’re doing the same thing with Nex and Timmy.

Final Thoughts

You might have noticed I said, “If there’s a season nine” a lot. I don’t follow Winx news anymore, but from what little I’ve heard, the future of Winx Club is uncertain. But if we do get another season, I’ll write another follow-up to these posts after it’s over.

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March 22, 2021 6:55 am

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