Aisha/Nex Fan Art Theft Accusation: My Response

Someone on Instagram accused Koohihime (@aisha.and.nex) and I of stealing Aisha/Nex fan art and reposting it without permission. The art in question was the Winx season eight kiss and nap paintings I commissioned from J-Witless ( If you don’t mind, I’d like to clear our names.

First of all, I paid for this artwork to be made. Second, I did ask permission to upload it to my DeviantArt gallery and on other sites, including Koohihime’s Aisha/Nex Instagram page (which I used to run).

As proof, here are my emails to J-Witless (Natalya Sorokina). These first two were for the kiss fan art. Last September, I asked if I could share it on this blog and on social media (Instagram, Pinterest). A month later, I asked if I could upload it to my DeviantArt gallery. She said yes to both requests.

This last email was for the nap fan art. I simply asked to “share this online” (meaning DeviantArt, blog, Instagram, Pinterest), and again, she said it was okay.

I prefer to let the artists upload the commissions to DeviantArt themselves, but I don’t think J-Witless intended to. I could be wrong, but that was the case with my Nex birthday commission from Quarriane. That’s why I also asked her if I could put it in my gallery.

The same goes for all the other fan art on this blog, commissioned or otherwise. I either asked permission, or the artists sent me their works wanting me to post them. I didn’t steal anything, and neither did Koohihime.

To the accuser: next time, if you wanna know where the art came from and if we have permission to post it, please ask instead of making assumptions. Also, you’re welcome to keep those two pictures up on your Instagram page. Just credit J-Witless’s Instagram or Tumblr account like she told me to.

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