“Um, Actually…” #7: The Correct Correction

Did you catch the mistake? Here’s the statement again:

Aisha has survived lots of dangerous situations since she met the Winx, but one of her most harrowing moments happened before she joined the club. She tried to rescue the Pixies from Darkar but was stopped by the Shadow Phoenix himself. After a brief fight, he snared Aisha in tar-like ropes and dropped her off the side of his castle. Later, she explained that she survived by summoning the last of her energy to transform and fly outside of Downland.

SpiderBraids had the correct correction:

Um, actually… she was carried out of Downland by an underground river (according to 2×03).

Yep, that’s exactly right! That’s what she told Faragonda in that episode.

Congratulations, SpiderBraids! Tune in next week for another “Um, Actually”!

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