I Need Some Time Away

Ever since Fate: The Winx Saga premiered last weekend, traffic to this blog has spiked to about 2-4 times its normal level. I bet you can guess the most popular post. Yep, it’s the one about the changes Netflix made to Aisha’s character.

I’m glad I’m getting more views, but I also feel uneasy because I don’t wanna be part of the Fate era. To me, this show was a mistake. It’s already dividing up the fandom, which is what Rainbow wanted it to do. I think they planned to shove the older fans into a corner by giving us a separate version of Winx Club, so we’d stop complaining about the cartoon.

Did it work? Do the older fans see Fate: The Winx Saga as the definitive version of Winx Club now? This older fan doesn’t — I consider this an expensive fanfic — but I don’t know about everyone else. More people liked it than I expected, given how much Netflix deviated from the source material.

How will this will affect Winx season nine? Unfortunately, it’ll air alongside Fate now. The fans of Fate claim the shows can coexist peacefully. Can they really? Will the older fans care about Winx Club anymore, or will they finally abandon it?

We won’t know the answers until season nine premieres. Until then, I’ve decided to cut down on my time on this blog. I’ll still post now and then — maybe once a month.

You can still leave comments, but I won’t respond to them as often. Please don’t tell me anything about Fate: The Winx Saga, though. I’d prefer not to know. (Winx season nine news is welcome, of course.)

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January 28, 2021 1:33 pm

take all the time you need Tori

January 31, 2021 11:48 am

I’ve enjoyed Fate: The Winx Saga but it’s not at the same level as Winx Club series. You can’t even compare it, because Winx as a cartoon will always win. It saddens me that Aisha in Fate isn’t so special anymore. Im looking forward to S9 but to be honest Winx doesn’t appeal to me that much after S8, the show’s audience is so much younger now. But on the other hand Fate is more like a okay fanfiction to me (too grindy, dark, edgy) but I’m glad that so many people is appreciating Winx Club as a cartoon even more and Im happy to see how Winx is popular again (even for small moment). I heard that the drawning style in S9 will be the same as in S8, but I’ll still watch it. I still like Winx Club unique and original atmosphere, complex universum a lot more. I just wish that Netflix will take original cartoon on its platfrom so Winx could be more mature but not so dark, just like in S1-4 or even S1-6. That would be the best idea. I was bored by S8 repetitive plots or stories that doesn’t make any sense like Icy’s past. I hope that Fate doesn’t affect characters in original cartoon (remember how WoW affected Aisha’s personality a little bit and her friendship to Tecna? Since WoW even Tecna became more like controlfreak but actually in Winx Club she knew how to chill), lets pray this doesn’t happen again.