New Page: “The Winx Fandom’s Most Common Arguments Against Aisha and Nex”

Since I hear the same arguments against Aisha and Nex over and over again, I decided I might as well have a page that addresses them. I’ll update it as I write more posts and think of past posts that belong on it. And if there’s an argument you think I should include, let me know!


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Solar Crown
Solar Crown
November 13, 2020 3:51 pm

I’m so glad that you’re still going with this. I think we all know that all these false accusations came up just because of Nabu’s death, which is SO TERRIBLE. Rainbow NEVER planned Nabu as a boyfriend forever for Aisha. I think they planned it from THE START, developing a fairy who loses her beloved one and has to learn how to mourn and move on with life, and eventually develops a second, more mature, relationship (Nex).
I mean, if Rainbow DID want to keep Nabu they would NOT do a Perfectly Arranged Marriage trope, making him a genderbend Aisha (THEY BASICALLY HAD THE SAME PAST AND THE SAME STRICTNESS OF PARENTS!!) and do a harlequin-like trope with Aisha SUDDENLY using sweet language in Season 4 (aka the Winx season I hate).

What IS sadder than anyone might think Nabu’s death was is that the fandom literally wants Aisha to mourn Nabu forever. Get it? Wanting her TO SUFFER MENTALLY. Awful. Imagine if she was a real person… ?

About Nex, I never had an opinion of him (same with Nabu) but since Sirenix S8 Arc I think he’s starting to be my REAL favourite Specialist. I’m serious.

Reply to  Tori
November 14, 2020 10:33 am

I think they didn’t reject Roxy as unlike Nabu who never grew out of his gary sue

Roxy was given loads of character development and grew throughout the season and we actually got to know the character as she was given more screen time than Nabu in season 4 and we got to see her act as mission control for the winx and actually went on missions with them in season 7

Reply to  Tori
November 15, 2020 11:29 am

cause they’re too deep in dillusion i’d say