Fan Art: Older Aisha And Nex

This isn’t part of the Valentine’s Day celebration, but I couldn’t wait to share it! You might recognize the art style. Remember the drawing of Aisha and Nex as merfolk? Yep, this is another awesome piece by Tjibi (posted here with her permission).


Aisha and Nex are older in this picture — about 25-30 years old. I wonder what they’ll be up to at that point: still saving realms together or settling down to rule Andros? Whatever they’ll be doing, I hope they’ll still be a couple. ❤️

Seen any more Aisha X Nex fan art? Made some yourself? Send it to me! I’d love to share it on the blog!

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February 6, 2019 11:37 am

that is pretty good and i’ll have to do this myself when i feature these 2 in a fic set years in the future

NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
February 6, 2019 12:39 pm

To me, these outfits look like what they might wear as king and queen of Andros – especially Nex’s. Aisha’s hair is probably my favorite thing about this picture, and I don’t know why. I just like how it looks.

Reply to  Tori
February 7, 2019 12:01 pm

i’m wondering if Nex wasn’t shy when we first met him and his flirting with the winx wasn’t his way of saying hello or something