Aisha/Nex Instagram Edits #2

Here’s the next batch of edits. More to come! (I made a lot of them. ?)

The Most Sincere Feelings

The most sincere feelings are the hardest to express in words.

In Winx season six, both Aisha and Nex had scenes where they tried to say something to the other but couldn’t find the words. They have a lot of parallels like that. I think Rainbow is doing it on purpose as part of their yin-yang theme. Basically, Aisha and Nex are mirroring each other. I’ll explain another day.

The Best is Yet to Come

These are lyrics from the song “The Best Is Yet To Come” by Grover Washington Jr. and Patti LaBelle:

Love will set us free
As long as we believe
The best is yet to come

I think the best is yet to come for Aisha and Nex’s love story. Here’s hoping season eight will be their breakout season! ❤️

Love at First Sight

Was it love at first sight? It wasn’t then — but it sure is now.
— Anne Meara

Aisha and Nex didn’t like each other right away. It took time. While some Winx fans see that as a problem, I see it as their advantage.

In the past, it seemed like Rainbow dropped a guy in front of her, and she fell in love (or like) with him just because he was there. It didn’t matter if she barely had any interactions with him. The writers invoked “destiny” or a random connection to her — an arranged marriage or a previously-unknown servant — to cover up the lack of development.

But with Nex, she gradually grew closer to him throughout season six before he became her boyfriend. You can argue the Yin-Yang theme is “destiny,” too, but Rainbow has never brought it up anywhere. Most fans don’t even know about it. They just see a regular couple, and that’s how it should be. It’s “destiny” done well.

The People We’re Supposed to Meet

We meet the people we’re supposed to when the time is just right.
Shadowland, Alyson Noel

I think Aisha is finally with the person she’s meant to be with (and vice versa for Nex). This relationship fits her overall story well. I can’t wait to see what happens next for this couple!

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