Winx Season 3: Is Aisha a Magic Prodigy?

Aisha was the first Winx to earn Enchantix in Winx season three. Since that’s the goal for third-year Alfea students, she graduated with the other Winx in Secret of the Lost Kingdom. Makes sense, right?

There’s just one problem: it wasn’t her third year. It was her second.

Winx season 2: The Winx cheer for Aisha (Layla) when she agrees to stay at Alfea
Winx season 2: The Winx cheer for Aisha (Layla) when she agrees to stay at Alfea

Aisha became a student during the other Winx’s second year, which was her first. Yet she took second-year classes with them. Why?

Maybe Faragonda let her skip a year. That raises questions about grade placement at Alfea. Is it based on age, skill level, or previous enrollment? If it’s previous enrollment, Aisha should have been a freshman since she was new.

If it’s skill level, what does that mean about her magic? Was she as powerful as the Winx already? If so, where did she learn magic before she met them? Was she trained at home?

If she didn’t learn magic elsewhere before Alfea, that means she didn’t get the foundation her friends got the first year. (I doubt she took first- and second-year classes concurrently.) Yet she earned Enchantix before they did!

Winx season 3: Aisha (Layla) Enchantix

Granted, the rules for earning Enchantix were rigged so it would have been hard for her not to get it. But if it’s tied to a fairy’s magical development, her powers must have been pretty advanced already, even though she never took those basic-level classes.

Regardless, I guess a fairy doesn’t need three years at Alfea to become an Enchantix. Aisha did it in two!

The Winx are already exceptional for earning Enchantix so young, so she must be a prodigy. She did it with less magic training than they got. Is she more powerful than we’ve realized?

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November 17, 2018 12:05 am

yeah i honestly am wondering that too i mean could she stop a mega tsunami for example

NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
November 17, 2018 12:35 pm

Since Aisha is a princess, I wouldn’t be surprised if her parents hired special magic tutors for her or sent her off to a private magic academy or something. Plus, she is naturally a very talented fairy, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she had just skipped a grade. If you can do that in normal schools, you can probably do it in magic schools, right?

?️‍? This person loves Flora's booty. (@InactiveWinxer)
November 18, 2018 6:53 pm

Good observation. I think she did have some sort of magical training, just like the other girls had. Sure, those sessions might not have been as deep as the classes at Alfea, but I’m certain all (except Bloom, of course) had been exposed to their magical powers at home and at the schools they went to, before they joined Alfea (we know from season 6 that Linphea has such a school. Flora very probably went to that one pre-season 1, just like the other girls went to their own on their various homeplanets). How else would they have been able to gain their Magic Winx form in the first episodes? Stella fought Knut and she had already earned that transformation, so she must have had some sort of training. Same goes for Layla.