Aisha/Nex Instagram Edits #4

More Instagram edits! Today’s theme is song lyrics. ?

You Make Me Feel So Beautiful

Baby, I just want you to know
That you make me feel so beautiful

These lyrics are from “Brand New Breeze,” the opening theme to the anime La Cordo D’Oro. I used Aisha and Nex’s date for this edit because in that scene, Nex flat out told her, “You are really beautiful.” ❤️

I Can Touch The Sky With You

It’s never, ever gonna end
‘Cause you’re my real best friend
Baby, I can touch the sky
With you

These lyrics are also from “Brand New Breeze.” I guess I really like that song. ?


Mambochiwambo! Let’s be wild and free!

Oh, look at that! A Winx Club song!

This scene from season six made me think of the “Mambochiwambo” sequence, so I put them together. There you go. ?

I Believe In Our Love

I believe your love
I believe in our love
No matter what, I know our aim is true
Every step we take
Our love will grow stronger
I wish that two hearts could be one

In another edition of “Reference Only I Would Get…” ? These are lyrics from “Mamoritai ~ White Wishes ~” (trans. “I Wanna Protect You ~ White Wishes ~”), the opening theme of the game Tales of Graces F. I hope Aisha and Nex’s love does keep growing stronger. ❤️

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