Why I Quit Una Di Noi Winx

Today was supposed to be the tenth anniversary of my Winx Club blog, Una di Noi Winx. I shared my thoughts about it on Prattler’s Paradise, but I wanted to talk about how it relates to Aisha and Nex (and this blog).

As you know, one reason I quit Una di Noi Winx was because of the Winx fandom’s hatred for this couple. I tried to force myself to stay because I knew that was a stupid reason to leave. Also, few other Winx fans defend these two. If I left, the fandom would only hear the haters’ voices.

But how do you survive in a place where everyone hates something you love with all your heart?

I couldn’t take it. The loneliness of feeling like no one else loved Aisha and Nex, the constant comments and posts that bashed them, the rude and condescending remarks from fans who hated them — all of it was destroying me. Every day, I felt like I was suffocating.

It’s silly to feel that way because of a pair of fictional characters. Believe me, I told myself that a million times.

But after a while, I accepted that for whatever reason, these two matter to me. They’re more than just a “ship” in a TV show to me. My dad even said I light up when I’ll talk about them. (Yeah, I told him about them. ?)

Ever since I left the fandom and started this blog, The Yin-Yang Couple, I’ve started to feel better. I can finally talk about Aisha and Nex without my “Big Name Fan” reputation holding me back. Do I still feel lonely? Yes, but not as much as I did. I’m grateful for everyone who follows this blog.

My last few years in the fandom soured my feelings towards Winx Club, but I’m happy Rainbow brought these two characters into my life. Aisha and Nex mean more to me than I can ever explain. They make me smile, make me think, ignite my imagination, and motivate me to create.

I’ve said this many times: I refuse to give up on this couple. They’re too meaningful to be thrown away. I don’t know what it’ll take, but I won’t let their potential be wasted.

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NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
NerdyPrincesses2 Mollz
March 28, 2019 11:37 am

I am still sad that Una di Noi Winx had to go, but that is nothing compared to how glad I am that you’re finally happier. I know what it’s like to care about a fictional character as much more than just that, so believe me, it is not weird at all. Aisha and Nex clearly bring you so much joy, and I’m glad that I can help you celebrate and express that joy. <3

March 28, 2019 11:55 am

yeah i am also sad that the unadinoi blog is gone but it’s memories will live on and i apologise that the post i was doing for the would have been 10th anniversary is going to be late

Reply to  Tori
March 28, 2019 12:04 pm


Derdlim Ahsia
Derdlim Ahsia
July 21, 2019 4:33 am

Glad to hear someone of the old fandom still alive after season 8 camed out. Please, do not feel lonely for loving them, “Fandom actually wants to love Nex” it is just they do not want to accept Nabu’s death.

To tell the truth I still believe it is the most not forced couple in the show and a great victory to princess Layla’s character who gained the selfdetermination right at not being with an imposed Androsian of Tides pre-selected housband by the kings in turn.

Still, came over here because of the new enchantix design, Only thing I do was searching for “quit Winx” at duck go go search bar, at the time I’m in university fighting for the paper against evil proffesors, what is bothering me is a promisse I made at the good days of Winx adventure/garden of charmix of devepolving a game 100% free to play online for winxers ; that before leaving winx comunity since 2015, so I want to ask for some advice: does the opblious pratter thinks it is something worthable to fight for after all these after Nebula’s revellion times?

Atte: Derdlim Ahsia

Reply to  Tori
July 22, 2019 7:18 pm

Let’s face it; things started to go downhill when the old website was revamped in October 2012. There was so much content, from some comics available to read online, background information about the characters (Riven’s mom abandoning him, one of Bloom’s ancestors dying because of heartbreak…), the endless hit-and-run Believix game, articles about fashion and lots of other stuff. I also remember a big game on the website…I presume that is the “Winx Adventure” one? The one which required a good flash player and was set in Gardenia, where you could play with other people?

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss the Winx website from 2003-2012. The new one from October 2012 until today sucks in comparison, with all due respect. But the website wasn’t the only thing that changed. I don’t know what happened to Rainbow. Everything used to be just fine until after Rainbow decided to “americanize” Winx Club.

Will we ever get back those fun times we had from 2003 until the end of 2012? Will Rainbow become the quality company it once was?

Reply to  Tori
July 22, 2019 9:00 pm

“You can never go back to how things were at any moment in your past.”

Sadly. And yet I keep wishing it was 2009 (or even 2010) again.

“Time is the fire in which we burn.” (Dr. Soran in “Star Trek Generations”). I guess that quote is true. ?

Derdlim Ahsia
Derdlim Ahsia
July 27, 2019 12:48 am

Actually yes; Winx Adventure was the game of the Gardenia section in which the Love&Pet shop is located, it could be expanded in being a piece of map, still I consider Gardenia as a State, not as a City, neither heare in Mexico capital nor other places in world like USA’s beach turistical locations one can actually find a camping mountain section, a residential area, a gigant park with lakes dividing the ciy in a half, an oil tank in middle sea, a disco next door of a train station, a marine park, a botanical garden and a large section of beach, even if it is the name of a place in los Angeles, the combination sounds like washington with sea or a place at Arabia.

There is a devepolver trying to remake the Winx Adventure game aszan MMORPG, I think it’s solething luke winx formurieros or something alike, the project as far I can tell is going slow; online space should be free and isn’t and remote servers do have some rent. And considering that Unity Web with Maya 3D modeling is a nightmare for the eyes it could be never launched =^x.x^=

To tell the truth Was asking for both fandom and game, there are simplier ways to have a better build game using existent elements, and can be devepolved as a compact apk for android terminals; and for fandom It would be difficilt to reactivare for them being active, right now everyine is passive abd thats desesperating. For the record, I could actually build a webspace with forums dedicated to Winxer’s, the fact is that community is old and even michaels winxclub and 90% of spanish blogs and pages are alredy down, so it could be less visitated than a cockroach lovers instagram . . .

Think I do have my time in leaving a reply, was out all week, right now fighting with cellphone’s keyboard. A remake of originals [Nick Specials], Plothless games [ Alfea Butterflix adventures, etc..] , “World is made from IceCream” inworld situations [ Season 8], Reusing same characters till death [Trix and more Trix] and superhero Bloom with no flaws nor consecuences [who knows nothing about Eraklion while posibly being the next queen] are killing the series.

So I try to watch every season as others never existed for capting the beauty of each episode, other way my head starts shouting from some peace, there are so many irrational situations and stories that contradicts other seasons statements that I actually preffer fanfics ocer originals.

And for season 6; It should have a spin-off, there are to many stories to be told that it feels rushed towards it’ s end, maybe that way it could be apresiated that Nex is a militia trained Palladin such as magic trained palladin professor Avalon, or the fact he was not planed by the kings, and that he can airbend with his weapon and probably is watching over the newbies [ex-specialist ♧] at the space “confidential” mission on season 8.

Demostrating that strugling with past does not work for franchises.

A thought for the air: If speciallist have confidential missions not open for public air, does it means that Rocalluce administration ocultates information from citicens all ocer the galaxy? Could they be corrupt? If not all info is granted, can specialist work for a villian at some missions doing bad deals without knowing it?

” May the enchantix fairy dust be with you .”

February 26, 2020 6:58 am

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