“Um, Actually…” #5: The Correct Answer

Yep, our “Um, Actually” game for this week was still going. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone forgot about it. ? Don’t worry about it. We had a winner on the first day!

I asked which one of these five screenshots of Nex doesn’t belong and why:

Selina guessed correctly:

The fourth screenshot. Because it is from 7 season, and others is from 6 season.

Bingo! Not only are 1, 2, 3, and 5 from season six, but they’re also from the same episode: “Legendary Duel” (S6, EP24). But this screenshot, #4, is from S7, EP24: “The Golden Butterfly”. They look like they could be all from the same episode, don’t they?

Congratulations, Selina! Tune in next week for another “Um, Actually”! (It’ll be a false statement again.)

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