“Um, Actually…” #4: The Correct Correction

Did you find the mistake? Here’s the statement one more time:

Aisha’s Morphix is one of the most unique and versatile powers in the ‘Winx Club’ series. As she explained in the RAI English dub, Morphix is made of water molecules that she can turn into any shape she wants. She can also change its state. It can be a solid object such as a rope, a surfboard, a cage, a treadmill, or even a human figure. In liquid form, Morphix can flow like a river or be a sticky puddle that traps Aisha’s enemies. Her Bloomix spell Morphix Cloud, though technically a gaseous form, acts as a shield.

And we have a winner! SpiderBraids gave the correct correction:

Um, actually… in the RAI English dub, Layla called her Morphix “magic glue”.

Yep, that’s right! Weird way to describe it, since it’s way more useful than glue!

Where did the “water molecules” idea come from? I didn’t make it up. Aisha said it not in the RAI English dub, but in the 4Kids dub:

I’m from the realm of Tides. I can turn water molecules into any shape.

Which explanation of Morphix do you like more? ?

By the way, I found a couple animation errors when I was making the screenshot for this post. Check out this one:

You’re not seeing things. Those are Stella’s legs on Aisha’s body. How did that happen? Your guess is as good as mine.

Here’s the second error:

This is right before Aisha ran out of strength and lost her Charmix/Magic Winx form. I guess her boots changed back before the rest of her clothes did! ?

Anyway, congratulations, SpiderBraids! Tune in next week for another “Um, Actually”!

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