“Um, Actually…” #4: Find The Mistake

Welcome back to “Um, Actually”! Find and correct the mistake in the statement below. Don’t forget to begin your correction with the phrase “Um, actually”. Good luck!

Today’s statement is about Morphix:

Aisha’s Morphix is one of the most unique and versatile powers in the ‘Winx Club’ series. As she explained in the RAI English dub, Morphix is made of water molecules that she can turn into any shape she wants. She can also change its state. It can be a solid object such as a rope, a surfboard, a cage, a treadmill, or even a human figure. In liquid form, Morphix can flow like a river or be a sticky puddle that traps Aisha’s enemies. Her Bloomix spell Morphix Cloud, though technically a gaseous form, acts as a shield.

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