“Um, Actually…” #10: The Correct Correction

Did you figure out the mistake? Here’s the statement again:

Though Nex was introduced in “The Flying School” (S6, EP03), we didn’t find out his name in that episode. In fact, neither he nor the other characters said his name until “Zombie Invasion” (S6, EP16), while the Winx were searching for the Fantasy Emerald. Nex was enjoying a coconut smoothie, and Sky told him not to get too comfortable. The Paladin’s name was spoken a couple other times in that episode, first by Aisha, then by Roy not long after.

SpiderBraids gave the correct correction:

Um, actually, Aisha refers to him by name after Nex completes her obstacle course (“Well done Nex!”), and again when she’s calling him out for obstructing Roy on the course: “If this is your idea of helping, Nex, we don’t need it.”

Yep, Aisha was the first character to say his name. We don’t know how she learned it, but it might have been while he and Thoren were briefly at Alfea at the end of “The Flying School”. (It’s the same thing with Daphne and Thoren. They seemed to already know each other by the beginning of “Bloomix Power”, so maybe they met off-screen.)

Even though “Zombie Invasion” wasn’t the first time someone said Nex’s name, it was spoken a lot in that episode. Near the beginning, Sky told him not to get too comfortable. Later, Aisha yelled, “Nex, watch out!” before he got attacked by a zombie. Then after he saved Roy from a sneak attack, he thanked Nex by name.

That’s three times. I can think of one episode that ties it, but I don’t think any beat it.

Anyway, congratulations, SpiderBraids! Tune in next week for another “Um, Actually”!

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