Inktober Halftime Report

I’m halfway through Inktober. The burnout is real. I’ve wanted to give up several times, especially in the last few days. (The “potion” comic might have been too ambitious for me.)

Drawing every day is tough. Professional artists, how do you do it? ?

I feel encouraged by my progress, though. My art looks better than last year’s, and I’m getting better at drawing both Aisha and Nex. (Of course, the art style for Winx season eight will be different, so I’ll have to relearn everything.) All I have to do is keep pushing myself. I’ve completed a full month before, and I’ll do it again.

Like I said a day or two ago, I’m not gonna stop after Halloween. I may not draw every day, but I wanna keep improving so that next Inktober’s drawings will look even better. My goals are to learn figure drawing and digital painting.

I know it’s weird how much a cartoon couple has inspired me, but Aisha and Nex are worth the effort to me. I’ll keep practicing until I can make stunning artwork of them. ❤️

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