Inktober Day #11: “Soul”

…Sigh. This went well. ?

Okay, let me explain. For this prompt, I decided to be abstract and draw Aisha and Nex as the essence of their personalities: water and fire. If you look closely at their character designs in Winx Club, you’ll notice that Rainbow may have referenced these elements, like in the waviness of Aisha’s hair and the shape of Nex’s hair.

But it also explains their personalities. Water can be powerful like crashing waves, but it can also be soothing like a babbling brook. Aisha is also fierce but gentle, strong and motherly. (Also, we need water to live, which may be why her name means “life.”) Fire can be destructive like a forest fire, but it can also be calming like a fireplace. Nex is wilder and more aggressive than Aisha, but we’ve also seen him be affectionate and warm. (And just as water tames fire, she helps keep his hot-blooded spirit under control.)

That was my concept. Aisha and Nex are water and fire in love. But I can’t draw water. ?

Well, I can (sorta), but for some reason, I thought my sketch wasn’t good enough. Here’s what it looked like before I inked it:

I should have kept it how it was. Oh, well. I might redraw this after Inktober, but I’m still putting it up to prove I completed today’s drawing.

11 drawings down, 20 more to go!

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