Winx Season 2-4 Rewrite: Intro

What if Nex had been Aisha’s love interest in the early seasons of Winx Club?

That question inspired my rewrite project, but it’s become bigger than this couple. Winx Club has a lot of writing issues, including:

  • Underdeveloped characters: Especially the Winx’s boyfriends
  • Wacky worldbuilding: How the heck does Solaria exist?
  • Ridiculous retcons: Daphne’s death, the Winx becoming students again, etc.
  • Plots that make no sense: How long ago was the fall of Domino?

It’s 2021. We can do better.

Winx season 2: Aisha

“What about Nabu?” you ask. He’ll be in the rewrite — as Aisha. I’ll merge his character with hers to fix a few problems with her story. It’s easier — and more interesting — than you’d think. You’ll see what I mean.

As for his other roles in the group (resident wizard, Riven’s BFF, etc.), we have other characters who, if better developed, can fill those gaps. The best choice is Helia. In the early seasons, he had most of the same personality traits as Nabu. He didn’t pull punches with Riven, either.

Riven is the one who needs to wake up! You keep on acting like a jerk and you’re gonna lose Musa forever!

”At the Last Moment” (Winx season 3, episode 19)

Finally, Helia was the first Winx boyfriend to exhibit magic powers (though faint), which makes sense because his uncle is a wizard — and not just any wizard, but the headmaster of Redfountain and a member of the Company of Light. But none of this has shaped Helia’s character at all, except in the comics (sort of). So much wasted potential…

For the Evulz?

Winx season 2: Trix Gloomix

My rewrite won’t follow the original story perfectly, but it won’t be another Fate: The Winx Saga where these don’t even feel like the same characters. I won’t turn Stella into Diaspro, for example. ? But I might vary the villains’ goals more. That’s another problem with this show: literally every villain has had the same motivation: RULE THE WORLD! The only difference is which MacGuffin they pursued or energy they stole and what qualified as “the world” to them:

  • Season 1: The Trix wanted the Dragon Flame so they could rule Magix.
  • Season 2: Darkar wanted the Codex so he could rule the Magic Dimension.
  • Season 3: Valtor wanted as much power as he could gather so he could rule the Magic Dimension.
  • Season 4: The Wizards of the Black Circle wanted the magic of the last Earth fairy, Roxy, so they could rule Earth. (They thought smaller than the others.)
  • Season 5: Tritannus wanted the Emperor’s Throne so he could rule the Infinite Ocean and, through it, the Magic Dimension.
  • Season 6: The Trix wanted the magic from all the magic schools so they could rule the Magic Dimension. (Selina and Acheron had their own thing going on.)
  • Season 7: Kalshara wanted the Ultimate Power of Fairy Animals so she could rule the Magic Dimension.
  • Season 8: Valtor wanted the light of the stars so he could rule the Magic Dimension.

Might be nice if at least one baddie had other ideas. It can’t be Darkar, of course, since he’s the Magic Dimension’s equivalent of Satan. Oh, well. Maybe in season three.

Fixing Nex

Winx season 6: Nex

Speaking of Satan, let’s talk about Nex.

What? You know that’s how the Winx fandom thinks of him. ?‍♀️ He needs a do-over more than any other character in this show.

We’ll start by giving him a backstory. I like the ideas you came up with, but I’m worried about one thing: a tragic backstory would justify the fandom’s “Riven 2.0” label. Also, they can’t feel pity for Nex anymore. They stopped caring about his happiness and well-being years ago. Some of them want him dead!

So, explaining his flaws with a sob story won’t work. We need to revamp his character, creating a superior version that overrides the original. I think the backstory I’m writing for him now is a winner. It humanizes him, it balances his flaws and positive traits better, and it adds some charm and appeal to his character.

Also, he won’t seem at all like a copy of Riven. Nex’s story is 100 percent unique: no other Winx Club character has it. I think you’ll love it. ?

The rewrite also gives me the chance to expand the lore of Paladins. Yes, Nex will be a Paladin again, and he won’t seem like a Specialist in red like he did in Winx season six and seven.

Aisha and Nex’s Relationship

Winx season 7: Aisha/Nex and Stella/Brandon

As I said, this is the reason I started this project. Love triangles aside, Aisha and Nex were always at a disadvantage in winning over the fandom because Rainbow watered down the relationships. No kissing allowed. Dates must be kept to a minimum. (I’m surprised these two got one.) The couples can’t talk about stuff like marriage anymore.

In my rewrite, Aisha and Nex will act like a couple their age. I also want to vary the problems in all the couples’ relationships. There’s a difference between conflict and drama. Rainbow relies on drama, especially love triangles and misunderstandings that are easy to clear up yet last an entire season. These situations feel forced and annoying.

The best conflict comes from within the characters: opposing desires, differences in personality or lifestyle, emotional wounds, etc. I already have ideas for Flora and Helia, the least developed couple in the series, and of course, Aisha and Nex. But the first step is developing these guys! How do you write about clashing goals if one partner has no goal? (In Aisha and Nex’s case, neither of them do.)

So, to sum it up, I’m rewriting Winx season two and three (and maybe four) with more character development (especially for the guys), better relationship development, expanded lore, slightly different plots, and improved worldbuilding (where I can). This won’t replace my Aisha/Nex fanfiction project Baby Steps. I just want to give this couple a better story in the Winx world, too.

Hope you like it!

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Power of Charmix
Power of Charmix
June 27, 2021 10:23 am

This sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see your take on the story and characters! ?

June 28, 2021 7:11 pm

Frankly Nex should have come in much earlier than Season 6

Solar Crown
Solar Crown
June 30, 2021 2:30 pm

MY GOD, FINALLY. I mean, I still cross fingers for BabySteps, but I also can’t wait for that. It bothers me how people paint Winx seasons 2-4 as “ideal” because sometimes I couldn’t stand fairydust magiccure-all and how the Specialists were handled. The fact that misunderstandings turn into drama in couples of Winx is so funny to me. What I hated is SkyBloomDiaspro situation, in season1 Diaspro just wanted to visit Sky, had no idea who Bloom is, yet she got blamed in the end! Eh.
Also, am I the only one who thinks that season 6 lovetriangle was needless? Not only it made the entire fandom rage, but also it stood in the way into AishaxNex development. The Power Couple thing from S6e24 should HAVE replaced the love triangle, at least I think that, I’m not a writing expert.

July 1, 2021 7:40 am

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Will N
Will N

Now this is really fun with these writing sets. Also i enjoy the idea you have of Aisha and Nabu being the same person. If i may reiterate, i think Nabu’s personality would be what happens when….excuse the pun….the tide changes for Aisha (roughly about season 3 when they went to the museum.)

July 8, 2021 7:56 am

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July 16, 2021 6:09 am

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