Happy Birthday, Nex! (2022)

Yes, I haven’t posted in a while. I’m sorry. ? To be honest, I don’t know what to talk about. Winx Club isn’t airing right now, and Aisha and Nex’s future together is up in the air — unless there’s something I don’t know, since I don’t follow Winx news anymore.

But I’ll say it again: this couple still means a lot to me. I won’t abandon them, especially if Rainbow does.

Happy Birthday, Nex! ?????

No matter what happens, this won’t be your last.

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March 24, 2022 4:51 pm

How’s your rewrite going? Any updates on that?

May 6, 2022 10:55 am

Hey, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and starting my own rewrite I decided to revisit the Aisha marries her betrothed thing. I noticed that, like you said, Nabu really is a one dimensional character, likeable but really limited. I really like Nex and feel he’s a better character and fit for Aisha. Do you think itd be okay or make sense to take some of the traits I like in Nabu and roll them into Nex? In that case I’m planning to replace Nabu in season 3 with Roy and end it with them just being friends to have her meet nex later in the story. I though you might have some good insight to share, and itd allow me to introduce Nex a bit sooner while changing the more problematic parts of her relationship with Nabu, such as his one dimensional personality, the stalker thing, and her marrying her betrothed after her fight for her freedom which never made sense.

Will N.
Will N.
Reply to  Tori
May 19, 2022 9:23 pm

Something else I have noticed about Nabu in general besides Aisha first wanting to call her lawyer the second she heard about being betrothed….initially I thought he was Aisha’s Daphne or Brandon, but in actuality he’s a second Helia. Two Helia’s? Now there’s a morphing grid error if I ever saw one.

What makes him a second Helia is four key things.
4. He’s kind of a mystery
3. He’s a boy who uses magic (granted Helia’s more reserved about it, but we know Helia can use it. Afterall the Origami crane compass in season 2’s “Ultimate Power Couple/Face to Face with the Enemy” was something Flora learned from him)
2. He’s a “biseinen” from the girl’s perspective (granted apart from Aisha, Stella’s the only one who ever mentions it outright as “adorable little suitor”) that appears to be wise beyond his years…because we know Helia’s the only boy who actually gives practical relationship advice in the group and actually treats the girls like they should be treated besides Brandon and Timmy of course. Nex clearly is learning, but he’s got a rocky road ahead of him because he hasn’t been around the Winx that long, however he’s learned the most important lesson quickly which is of course “Let Aisha drive!” (Roy’s loss for refusing to learn that one.)

and the number 1 thing that makes Nabu a second Helia?

He. Gets. Riven. Seriously. He. Gets. Riven. Helia is Riven’s canonical bestie and roommate. Enter season 4. Nabu is doing everything Helia normally does after starting to do so in late season 3 (saving his girl at a critical point in the mission gone awry, using magic, giving relationship advice, and again actually getting Riven.)

Maybe another reason for getting rid of him was Helia’s role was now irrelevant. If the Specialists were the planeteers Helia would be Ma-Ti….that is to say he’s the Heart. (Brandon is Earth, Sky and Nex split the wind, Timmy is water and Riven is more than enough Fire to keep Wheeler’s ring charged for the next decade.) Nabu tried to replace Helia. Helia’s considered the fan favourite specialist (like his girlfriend as the fan favourite Winx) and we all know what happens when you mess with a group’s Flora…it leads to getting uprooted. Messing with Helia….you get burned….badly….about as bad as agitating Stella….sunscreen grades don’t go up to “Enraged Solar Guardian Princess and Annoyed boy named Sunny who weilds a laser rope and can give papercuts with magic origami birds” and Helia’s still the nicer of the two when enraged.

Will N.
Will N.
Reply to  Tori
May 31, 2022 12:07 pm

The funny thing is in this fandom when I pointed it out is that they said…but Nabu used attack magic so it’s different. No, a boy using magic is a boy using magic. The thing that is different is when the time to use it is. Nabu relied on it too much. Helia has a similar attitude to Bloom, Tecna and Aisha. He can use it, but he doesn’t overtly rely on it because he knows the importance of physical skill, but because he’s a pacifist he doesn’t use that much violence if he even uses it in the first place. I mean his Crane Compass was what helped Tecna and the Specialists catch up to Flora during the Shadowhaunt Seige…and it was stated by Brandon that Helia taught that one to Flora…I wonder what other magic spells Helia taught Flora now, but we know he enjoys playing “Wonder Warrior” with the laser lasso more.

Will N.
Will N.
Reply to  Tori
June 3, 2022 11:54 am

Sadly, I’m not kidding. Also for some reason I’m picturing Helia’s magic type to be paper…given how plyable it is….and him giving Ogron a nasty paper cut….ouch.