6 Reasons Nabu Was a Gary Stu *UPDATE: 10/17/21”

I’ve written a couple posts on my Prattler’s Paradise calling Nabu a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Naturally, the Winx fandom rejects this criticism the second they hear it. For example, a Winx fan on YouTube who may or may not read this blog — they referenced it in a video at least — countered by saying, “Why can’t we just have good men?”

That’s the fandom’s most common defense. “Nabu wasn’t a Gary Stu; he was just a really good man.” Or: “Nabu was a really good man, so it doesn’t matter if he was a Gary Stu.”

They’re missing the point.

No one is saying being good or doing good things made him a Gary Stu. If that’s all it took, he wouldn’t be alone because he wasn’t the only good man in Winx Club. Just sayin’. ?‍♀️

Terms like “Mary Sue” or “Gary Stu” criticize the writers, not just the characters. After all, Rainbow created Nabu. His admirable traits, his noble deeds, his relationship with Aisha — they designed, wrote, and animated all of it. That’s why you can’t judge a character like you would a real person. They’re also a creation, a product of someone’s imagination, so we have to get inside the writers’ heads to evaluate the character fully.

I’m writing a series (on Prattler’s Paradise) elaborating on why Nabu was a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. The first post is already up. It’s about his flaws — or rather, his lack of them.

People say (as recently as last month on this blog) he wasn’t perfect because he had one or two potential flaws and did a couple negative things (like stalking Aisha). But I came across a YouTube video called “Can Mary Sues [or Gary Stus] Have Flaws?” Spoiler alert: yes, they can. A character doesn’t have to be 100 percent perfect to be too perfect.

If you’re interested — most of you won’t be, but whatever — check out the link below. (More coming soon.)

UPDATE 2: I changed the structure of the bottom section so I could summarize what each post is about.

1. No Meaningful Flaws

LINK: Winx Club: 6 Reasons Nabu Was a Gary Stu — #1: No Meaningful Flaws

  • Mary Sues and Gary Stus can have flaws, but they’re never meaningful flaws.
  • In Winx Club: Guide to the Magical World, Rainbow claimed Nabu’s flaw was that he “overestimated his power”. That’s an example of an informed flaw.
  • There’s no excuse for a character to be perfect because even positive traits become flaws under the wrong conditions.

UPDATE 1: Second post added.

2. Mr. Magical Swiss Army Knife

Winx season 4, episode 13: Ogron levitates Nabu’s staff out of his hand

LINK: Winx Club: 6 Reasons Nabu Was a Gary Stu — #2: Mr. Magical Swiss Army Knife

  • Wizards in Winx Club are OP. They don’t have as many restrictions on their magic as fairies and witches do.
  • To rein in wizard magic, Rainbow gave most wizards specific styles like magic absorption (Ogron), shapeshifting (Duman), and the famous “Mark of Valtor” (guess who?).
  • Nabu, however, didn’t have a style of magic. His spells were random. Whatever Rainbow needed to move the plot forward, he could do it.
  • Aside from the situation-specific spells, most of Nabu’s abilities were basic things any magic being can do, including the Winx. So Rainbow used three tricks to make him look special.

UPDATE (08/10/21): Third post added.

3. Getting Away With a Crime

LINK: Winx Club: 6 Reasons Nabu Was a Gary Stu — #3: Getting Away With a Crime

  • The Winx fandom says Aisha had to “learn to trust” Nabu, but they gloss over the reason: he stalked her.
  • Nabu’s actions in Winx season three meet the legal definitions of stalking in the U.S. and Italy.
  • Nabu got away with his behavior not just because the fandom overlooked it, but because the other characters did, too. A Gary Stu can do wrong, but he’ll never face consequences for it.
  • Rainbow uses three tricks to make us downplay his stalking.

UPDATE (10/17/21): Fourth post added.

4. A Backstory Full of Baloney

LINK: Winx Club: 6 Reasons Nabu Was a Gary Stu — #4: A Backstory Full of Baloney

  • A backstory is what happened to the character in the past, but it’s supposed to explain their present personality traits and behaviors. But all Nabu’s backstory did was explain why he knew kung fu.
  • A character’s flaws usually stem from their emotional wound(s), the negative event(s) from their past that shook their worldview. Nabu’s emotional wound was a lonely childhood, combined with his parents making decisions for him (like who to marry). But unlike Aisha, who’s not a Mary Sue, it didn’t have any negative effects on him.
  • Though all the Winx’s love interests are shallow, Nabu was the most shallow because 1) he had no flaws, even though his backstory set up plenty for him; and 2) he was essentially a copy of Aisha, unlike the other guys, who are more distinct from their girlfriends.
  • Male characters get away with being too perfect more often than female characters, who are held to higher writing standards. (Maybe that’s why there’s no universal term for a male Mary Sue.)
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Solar Crown
Solar Crown
July 14, 2021 4:02 pm

I saw all those links before. To make a character non-marysue, the flaws have to meaningful and obvious, and must have its original character goals (his goal and plot was LITERALLY like Aisha’s, he claimed it in Season 3 party) and not revolve about relationship/other main goal. Nabu lacked these, his plot revolved all around Aisha, and NO ONE saw his flaws, even Sky was on knees when Nabu died (the scene when Sky was in a middle, with Stella hugging someone else, just after Nabu died I think?) despite Sky and Nabu BARELY knew each other- that’s another Marysue evidence! When someone happens to MarySue, the rest acts like out of character.
Bloom nowadays has flaws but it doesn’t remove her Mary Sue title- another example of that perfectness isn’t necesarry requirement for a Mary Sue.

Reply to  Tori
July 15, 2021 11:29 am

well yeah but remember the Winx are the Magical Dimension’s first line of defence as the Winx put their lines on the line to fight whatever evil appears so everyone can live their lives without fear of danger cause the Winx will defeat it

Will N
Will N
Reply to  Tori
July 15, 2021 7:41 am

Season 6 is terrible about Bloom being a sue. I think Sirenix is the official point where we go from “slightly hotheaded fairy” to sue. At least they tried to keep Bloom having some kind of flaw up through Harmonix.

Nabu is a stu from the start, he should have had some issues to deal with. For one? How about his bad habit of stalking women he likes?

Solar Crown
Solar Crown
Reply to  Will N
July 17, 2021 9:58 am

And THAT’S why I think Season5 isn’t that worse than 6 and why I lost hopes during S6, NOT after Season 4/earlier/ whatever people claim often. Season5 could be my favourite season but looking back, all Winx seasons have things that made no sense and the Specialists always seemed like shallow love interest (except Timmy and Brandon, at least for me.) Nickelodeon didn’t make Winx like that despite what people claim, the writing went just worse at times making the flaws from previous seasons more obvious.

Some people at the winxfandom are acting like Bloom was always a marysue, which is actually true about NABU, Bloom had serious flaws during the seasons they claim to love! Same with Aisha’s “she was like in WoW” misconception- she wasn’t like that, YET the same people who “have been watching s1 and s2” claim things that didn’t happen if you watch it with attention (Aisha cried in S2,S3 and S4 and what was Aisha doing when she felt uncomfortable/pissed? She didn’t throw fists at it like in WoW, she just WENT AWAY.

(Speaking about Bloom’s flaws, some of them annoyed me especially when instead of talking to Sky properly, their feuds could last an entire/half of the season ?)

Reply to  Solar Crown
July 24, 2021 11:31 am

umm remember that Bloom very nearly died twice in Season 6 ep 6

  1. from unknowingly reducing her flame to an amount that was inadequate to sustain her life force which raises disturbing implications
  2. an attempted assassination by Diaspro
Will N
Will N
Reply to  Tori
August 6, 2021 1:37 pm

About that real fire working for Bloom, do you remember my Bloom’s fire having 3 parts post on the old blog? Maybe the post-Dragon Flame split being weaker was a way to say Bloom was “burning the candle at both ends?” I mean considering she was the only one who was utilizing her magic to transform it probably left her without enough “fuel to fan the flames.” She had the light and heat, but not enough energy for combustion. Daphne mentioned that at the opening.

It’s still weird though, how does using her Dragon Construct against the Great Dragon (that hydra we see Bloom defeat according to the comics is the Great Dragon. It’s in the issue where new Domino fairies get promoted to nymphs when a retiree asks Daphne and the Winx to help her find replacements) work? Was it some sort of metaphor? Also the issue mentioned in the parenthesis states that the Winx do still have the flame, but Bloom didn’t give them every ability she has with it. Just the power booster to remove the “off switch” making them slightly stronger and it regenerated their own powers, Musa mentioned it. It was only small Sparx…because fire puns.

Solar Crown
Solar Crown
Reply to  Tori
July 25, 2021 4:36 am

THAT’S my problem with Season6, not the “nick ruined winx”- Bloom reabsorbing her own magic despite what we all saw in Season 1, Selina actually being ANOTHER BLOOM FRIEND (I like both Selina and Nex but really? Why can’t Selina be related to any other fairy? For example Tecna?
Also the Mythix wands demanding to “do something worth getting them” or something between those lines- so beating Valtor, Darkar, Wizards of the Whi- I mean, the My Personal Worst Winx Season, Tritannus is NOT worthy but breaking Icy’s necklace in that mythix episode IS? Really? At least we saw Nebula again.

“A Mary Sue can have a rival, but anyone who’s against her is usually portrayed as evil”- oh god, Miraculous flashbacks ? but let’s not get too offtopic here- considering that Mitzi was just against Bloom (despite being awful), Rainbow tried to make her “evil/2x more snarky” in Season 4 and the fact that the rivalry between Diaspro/Bloom and the Icy/Bloom one was in the same stage as it was in the first time, I’m not suprised.

Will N
Will N
Reply to  Solar Crown
August 7, 2021 9:09 am

I think with Selena they wanted to imply she’s like the Earth’s Moon to Stella’s Solarian sun just like how on Solaria Nova is the candle compliment to Stella. Not really sure how a snake (yuck!) powered fairy/witch would be connected to a tech fairy….unless they wanted to play on the electromagnetic spectrum for reptile sensory.

Reply to  Tori
July 24, 2021 12:33 pm

Odds are that was the writers setting up for Bloom to get the Bloomix,

But attempted assassination is maybe too far for Diaspro as that’s beyond redemption

October 19, 2021 6:32 am

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