Updates: Nabu Series, Aisha/Nex “Underrated Couple” Page

For the five (or less) of you waiting on Part IV of my “6 Reasons Nabu Was a Gary Stu” series, it’s up now on Blog #1. This post is about his and Aisha’s shared backstory: a lonely, restrictive childhood. While it left her shy and impulsive with a debilitating fear of being alone, he became a teen kung fu master. Flaws? Nah. Not his thing.

Also, I’ve been updating the “Aisha and Nex: Most Underrated Couple” page — moving posts around, adding sections, etc. Again, if you’re interested, check it out.

I’ve written a lot posts about Nex lately, and I don’t like it. My next post will either be about Aisha or about the couple together. Stay tuned.

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