Fixing The Flats: Fleshing Out The Winx’s Love Interests

Did you know Brandon loves engines and is an excellent climber?

Did you know Helia lives at Redfountain — with Saladin?

Did you know Riven‘s mother abandoned him when he was little?

Oh, you knew that one? Okay. Name the episode where we learned it.

Can’t? Exactly. If it was never mentioned in the show, is it really canon? I’d say no, so he has no backstory.

"An Unexpected Event" (Winx season 1, episode 1): The Specialists — Timmy, Sky, Brandon, and Riven
There’s an animation error in this screenshot. Can you find it?

And he’s not alone. Even though most of the Winx’s boyfriends have been around since Winx Club began, they are some of the least developed characters. We know where a few of them are from (Eraklyon, Andros, and Lynphea), and we know their interests and abilities. But we don’t know most of their family lives, backstories, goals, or internal struggles.

“What about Nabu?” you say. “He was well developed.”

Oh, please. First, he ripped off his girlfriend’s backstory. Wait till you read my rewrite and see how much better Aisha’s story is if you merge her character with Nabu’s, rather than letting him steal her thunder.

Second, even with a backstory, he had the same problem most of the Winx’s boyfriends have: he didn’t grow as a person. I’m not talking about the arranged marriage subplot where, again, he piggybacked off Aisha — I mean overcoming his own flaws. Hard to do that when you don’t have any. ?‍♀️

I think Rainbow overloaded Nabu with positive traits and made him a relationship expert at only 20 years old because they planned to kill him off all along. His character and his love story with Aisha were designed for maximum audience heartbreak — and boy, did the writers succeed! But I won’t talk about that today.

“Musa’s Song” (Winx season 4, episode 10): Embarrassed Sky

Anyway, the only guy with a unique backstory that’s fleshed out in the show is Sky. But he hasn’t changed at all, either! He’s the same bland Prince Charming wannabe he’s always been and hasn’t learned jack squat. No wonder he still falls for Diaspro’s tricks!

So if you’re a love interest in Winx Club, you either get a backstory but no character growth, or character growth but no backstory.

“Riven 2.0”

Because these guys are so flat and shallow, we identify them only by their personality traits: nerdy, cocky, poetic, flirty, wise, etc. If one guy’s traits overlap with another’s, the Winx fandom considers the guy introduced second to be a copy of the first. That’s why they’ve labeled Nex “Riven 2.0” or “a second Riven”.

If they think it’s that easy to confuse these two, it’s not because Nex is a copy. It’s because both of them are too simplistic. They don’t have enough depth to distinguish themselves from each other.

A Winx fan on YouTube acknowledged Riven doesn’t have a “deeper backstory”, but of course, they blamed Nex. In their mind, this “identical” character stole screen time that could have been used to develop Riven instead. That’s funny — that’s why I’m merging Nabu with Aisha! Rainbow even admitted he was a redundant character, yet no one calls him “Aisha 2.0”!

More double standards, I guess. A character can get away with being a copy of another if they date them. ?‍♀️

Nex and Riven’s characters aren’t the same, though. Plus, Riven’s been in the show since season one, so Rainbow could have given him a “deeper backstory” long before season six. So how is this Nex’s fault?

"Baby Winx" (Winx season 7, episode 20): Helia, Nex, Timmy, and Brandon

The real problem is Rainbow doesn’t care enough about the guys to develop them. Except Sky. He’s Bloom’s boyfriend, so that makes him special. ?

What’s frustrating is the details in the guys’ profiles set up lots of possibilities for them. It’s like Rainbow had ideas for their development but abandoned them.

Fixing the Flats

The guy with the most wasted potential is Helia. We learned a lot about him in his debut scene from “Party Crasher” (Winx season 2, episode 8):

  • He’s Saladin’s nephew (or grandson — who cares?)
  • He was once the best student at Redfountain.
  • He’s a pacifist.
  • He dropped out of Redfountain.

Yet two episodes later, after meeting Flora, he was back in his Specialist uniform like it was just another Thursday.

Seriously, Rainbow? You dumped all that backstory on us, and none of it mattered? ?‍♀️

Giving nothing away, I’ll say I’m planning to do a lot more with Helia than what we got in the show (i.e., nothing). I think you’ll like his new story.

Riven’s story is obvious: he needs to at least look for his estranged mother. Where is she? Who is she? Is she still alive? Can he forgive her?

It’s been eight seasons, but Winx Club has never answered these questions and probably never will. So it’s up to the fans.

As for Brandon, we know he’s from Eraklyon, and we know he’s been a player since he was a kid. (I couldn’t find the episode where they showed his past. I’ll look again later.) The rest of his story has revolved around Sky. But how did this Casanova — and a commoner at that — become the prince’s best friend and bodyguard?

Some Winx fans think Brandon is an orphan, and the royal family took him in. Maybe, but I might do something different.

Nex and Timmy are the only guys we know nothing about — only their interests and personalities. Well, okay: Stella said Timmy’s not from Magix in “A Friendship Sundered” (Winx season 1, episode 8), and we know he’s not from Zenith because of his meet-the-in-laws episode in Winx season six. So where is he from? Don’t know.

As I said in the rewrite intro, I have a backstory for Nex already. It’s nothing like Riven’s, so they can safely coexist. Here’s a hint: I got the idea from Nex’s civilian outfit in Winx season seven. What does it make you think of? ?

Timmy’s story is still a blank, and his profile gives us little to work with. Sigh. I’ll figure it out.

"Night of the Stars" (Winx season 8, episode 1): Nex and Timmy

Also, these two will still have their weird friendship because it’s hilarious. They’re like that joke about how an introvert makes a friend: an extrovert adopts him. Sorry, Timmy. Accept your fate. ?

So that means the best friend pairs in my rewrite will be Sky and Brandon, Helia and Riven, and Nex and Timmy. Hmmm…that works. 🙂

It Takes Two

Speaking of pairs, let’s talk about the Winx couples. Another side effect of the guys being flat characters is their relationships are one-sided. For example, we can’t say any of these couples are supportive of each other. Why not? Well, think about it. How often have the Winx needed to support their boyfriends?

Let me put it another way: how often have the guys looked to the Winx for encouragement, comfort, or advice? Hardly ever. It’s usually the other way around. The girls will compliment them now and then, but that’s it.

Part of the problem is…they’re underdeveloped! They have no goals or dreams, so there’s nothing for the Winx to support, and without internal conflict, there’s nothing to help them through! So the Winx have had few opportunities to be there for their boyfriends the way their boyfriends are there for them!

Fleshing out the guys’ backstories and arcs will deepen the couples’ relationships and allow the guys to grow through them like the Winx have. I have a few ideas already, especially for Flora and Helia. Yeah, even though I started this project because of Aisha and Nex, I’m coming up with lots of stuff for Mr. and Mrs. “Flowers and Sunshine”. They need it, too.

When I’m done with my rewrite, I hope the Winx fandom will feel the guys (and the couples) were written better than in Winx Club. I wish Rainbow had put more effort into these characters, but that’s what fanfiction is for, right?

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Will N
Will N
July 1, 2021 10:38 pm

Flora and Helia are so corny that even Superman would be annoyed by it…and that’s new levels of corny. I mean they’re so corny, that Stella probably has popcorn on hand for the daily Disney movie she watches with these two-live!

As for the Specialists asking the Winx to help? I think that only ever happened while Tecna was MIA with Sky giving a call about how to make Timmy stop his Wizard of Oz schtik in the emotions department…Flora might have been the one to get that one out.

I also wrote a backstory for Brandon a few years ago since we know nothing about him the idea was that he wasn’t actually from Eraklyon, but wound up there. I mean who ever said that only Bloom and Roxy came from Earth? (before Bloom got informed of her royalty ties to Domino that is.) Surely there was some Earth Boy who had a dream about being a knight pre-season 4 since if all fairies are from earth’s Legendarium, logically all magical creatures would also be from there too. However unlike Bloom, Brandon is much more impulsive about it but gets mocked because “knights are supposedly lame” even though he refers to GL via their alias of “Emerald Knight” to remind some girls who liked to mess with him that Knights were still cool. Eventually he found himself being aided by a disguised Sky who took him to Eraklyon and offered him the squire job after Thoren “bailed” from Sky’s perspective. Brandon was intended to pick up his flirtatious behavior from Sky, and once again it landed him into trouble…so the present question is…when it comes to his fiancee does that make things better or worse? I mean it is Stella so….

Reply to  Will N
August 12, 2022 10:40 am


July 8, 2021 7:57 am

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August 1, 2021 7:15 am

[…] to share this on the blog or let you find out when you read my rewrite, but who cares? We know some of the other guys’ backstories already. Why not know Nex’s ahead of […]

September 1, 2021 7:03 am

[…] need as many as they can get, especially the Specialists. But no one needs them more than Nex, and the best use for them is revealing his backstory. It’s […]

September 28, 2021 3:09 am

Now you mentioned that it’s always the girls who ask for support from the guys, it reminds me one of the comic issues where Stella act like a literal brat ( that’s how an annoyed Brandon called her ), not wanting to understand that they be pressured too during a tournament between all the schools and requiring hugs and supports, without even offering support to him. The two sides left after an argument and -oh surprise!- the boys came to encourage the girls during their first trial like if nothing happened. They really just exist to be their number one fans and nothing else. Somehow, and despite their age, the winx appears to be really immature in their relationships.

October 9, 2021 12:00 pm

I am pretty sure, you would of have already written you fanfiction, from the time you wrote this in on the 1st July this year (2021) to be me reading this on the 9th October, after all that three months apart (and 8 days, if we are as specific as my favourite book character: Alice Liddell, whenever she was 7 and 3/4 exactly when the caterpillar asked her age, and he said to her that she could of left of at the 7.)

Anyways, I have always head-cannon about Riven.
One that is from Earth, England, because of the British T-shirts he always wore in the early Seasons, he knew who Shakespeare was (he teases Helia about being him in S2, when he snatches his Poem away from him that he was writing for Flora, and reads it mockily before Helia tells him to wake up and if he didn’t stop his behavior, he was going to drive Musa away for
? ever? Also Riven seem to be the

And Two:He is a half-blood like Roxy but in reverse: his mum a human, his dad is a wizard who couldn’t find a way to bring his mum back to live and so heartbroken moved Riven to Magical Demission where he grew up as a boy however he had no parental instincts in him and was of drunk or abusive, Riven struggles with himself are internal – he is his father’s son and his has a chemical imbalance in his brain and external – the emotional Abusive that he struggled with, although I was asking Winx Fans, who said Riven so misunderstood and he only acts that way because of his mum death to site the episode because I am A GREAT BIG WINX FAN and I couldn’t remember anything meaningful or insightful ever being mentioned about why Riven acted like a JERK-ASS all the time, that makes Winx Fans like him, I don’t like Riven at all, well I mean he has one or two cool moments to me, the first time, I think I appreciated them was the First Part of The Finale of Season 1 (Googling it for a rewatch)”Ep 21 and “Ep 22 Mission to Cloud Tower”, whenever he rejoins the Right Side of the Fight, Dressed in a Cape, Fighting a Massive Bug and Then Trying to Free Mrs. Griffin, I guess that Episode had some insight into Riven’s Character, He was Scared of Becoming a Monster (Again maybe this is a representative of his fear of turning into his dad) but that it, the dad thing is speculation.

Anyways after visiting The Winx Fandom and Posting this Comment “I Wish the Show Would Give The Specialist more Fleshed out Backstories” (Here Is what I Wrote on the 30th April 2020 with a few of my mistakes fixed, like for example I said Helia Grandfather/Uncle was Pallidum and Not Saladdin until a Commenter that out and I added in the information that the Comments Gave me, Plus a Little Bit More Information From Previous Bits of Research That I have Done.)

-Sky, Brandon and Thoren (Someone mentioned I left out in my initial post) are from the planet Erakloyon or in the Comics Heraclyon which comes from the Word Hercules, There Planet Literally Allures to the Fact that They are Strong Heroes, although Erakloyon name is not as obvious it means the same thing as Heraclyon, which is interesting because normally the Comics are much more Clever that The Show is, but is nice that the Comic Explains More and is nice that Winx Club has a hidden Lore behind it that you don’t see whenever you are a kid watching the Show and only Winx Fans get to find this wee Details as they grow up, honestly it is amazing how detailed the first few Seasons were, and how much more delevoped the World outside of The Three Little Groups were, They were Characters like Mirta and Lucy that were almost there own group but alast the Show has become a former Shell of itselves with each passing Season after Season 3, heightened in Season 6 and was Ablosuletely Unbearable for me in Season 8, I barely remember anything about that Season, I could tell lots about the other Seasons, I may get one or two things wrongs or forget a few details about them, but I could do it, and talk your ear about everything and I was talking you hear my excitement and hyper-ness about how I loved the Show but yeah I just couldn’t really Enjoy Season 8, The first, The Orginal Three are they lucky number, The Next Two (S4 and S5) were Medicore but definitely still enjoyable but far too much stuff is crammed in Season 4 and 5, and they are a lot of issues with the story (Don’t get me started) Yes no season is Prefect (and Winx Club leaves me with a whole bunch of Questions, again don’t me started) but Season 1 – 3 had breathing time and I preferred the girl earning only one Transformation per Season, I mean do Season 4 Mini Transformation really stand out in Any Super Winxer Mind, I constantly forget about them, and Harmonix in Season 5 and Mythix in Season 6, so I do. Winx delevoping the Boys anymore, nope it just doesn’t happen, Season 1 – 4 done decent small pieces here and there on the boys, but from Season 5 onwards they got worse and worse, which I think is why, why I don’t have any hate against Nex, like the majority of the fans do, I didn’t really feel that connected to Nabu, because he was the most recent one, whenever he died, I mean he was indoctructed in the middle of Season 3 and he died at the end of Season 4, looking it up he was indroctucted on Season 3 Episode 18 “Day at the Museum” and Dies in Season 4 Ep 23 “The Day of Justice”, He Tell Aisha his real name and starts Dating her in Season 3 Ep 23 “The Wizard’s Challenge” so 25 episodes of them dating and already to get married but you know I care about the girls much more that the boys, I feel in pain when Aisha was fighting with the Earth Fairies, and I wanted Bloom to Shut the Fuck Up and to sorry Disregarding Aisha feeling and I felt sad for Aisha but I wasn’t balling my eyes for Nabu himself, I just can’t, I not that feeling type of person, sorry, to everyone else, who apparently are and cried buckets for this guy, but yeah I still liked Nabu better over Roy and Nex in Season 6 because they were pretty random and just in my opinion, came out nowhere and started to fight over Aisha, and at first I didn’t care about either of them, they both seemed cocky, arrogant and whenever Nex stagoted the course, I was less than pleased with him, but he was slowly winning me round a tiny bit, I would still rank him and Aisha near the bottom of my Winx Couples, but he was OK and Season 7 came and the boys were just no really a big part of the show anymore so I just stopped caring about him, then in Season 8 Nex was this really over-supported boyfriend who ironically made Aisha more nervous about the speech that she had to give to her people on Andro’s and I just that they kind of changed his character a bit, but then they never really got to delevop him and Aisha’s relationship, so maybe he just is clingely whenever he is a relationship. I do not know, you tell me, you’re the physo-anylasic genuis on him and Aisha relationship, I have learned so much sense I have started reading your blogs ever now and again when the Winx Mood Strikes me and I have learned a lot such as Nex name meaning Death, that really interested me, and appreciate Nex much much more than I ever had, I glad you here to give him a bit of love against all his haters, it time to let Nabu go, Aisha deverses happiness after him, she will always hold a candle for him in her heart, but she has enough room in her heart to love again.

Reply to  Tori
August 12, 2022 10:44 am

bloom said six flags in California in s2

Reply to  Tori
October 10, 2021 10:13 am

Thank you for answering so quickly, I was checking to see, if the site progressed my comment, I didn’t think you would got around to replying to it so quickly.
So you don’t that Riven’s British T-shirt means anything then.
In Season 1 Eposide 2: Bloom mentions Pizza to the others and they all say what’s Pizza? And she nervously (playing with her fingers, she was so adorable back then) says it the natitional dish of Callisto, sort-of? But then the girls do go and get pizza in Magix’s, yet later on they are showed eating Pizza in Magix’s, but aleast it not in that same Eposide, I went back to check because I know they go to Magix’s to get a bit to eat but the food in front is undistinguished in that episode, and The Trix’s Especially Icy are Shown to Enjoy Ice-Cream (So Punny Hah Hah) I know the Older Series are Jam Packed with Mistakes and Stuff, like in The Second Episode, Flora, Tecna and Musa don’t Question that Bloom thought Magix was filled with Unicorns and Stuff, they just stand idlely by as Stella explains to Bloom that Fairytale Stuff and This is the Real World, and so, there was so many mistakes, but as you said nogalistia wins out, even if you know something not practically good, you will defend it with you last dying breath, I was raised on these shows, I been watching them since I was very very young, you started watching Winx at 15, you said on another comment I wrote to you, Winx can out whenever I was 2 (2004)and I probably started watching it whenever I was 4 (2006) I remember the first three Seasons the best and Then by the Time I was 10 and 11, Season 5 came and then Popgirl moved Channels and I didn’t get to see it anymore but then I was in High School and my Bf randomly mentioned the Show and Then the Rest was History, I suddenly found out that they had made a Season 6 and Season 7 and A World Of Winx, Season 8 was released then, but YouTube let know that it was thing because I had previously YouTube some Winx all because my Friend jogged those memories for me, so I looked when Wow of Winx Came out and It was in 2016 – 2017, and Season 8 came out in 2019 and Then you have Fate which Guess What? It came out One Day before my 19th Birthday so me and my Sister say down to watch it as a special treat to me. I know it not Winx Club, and I had my reversations walking into it, I Know you hate it, but it has a few good ideas in it, firstly what is cool about is that Bloom is 16 and she was born in 2004, she mentions 2004 when she is looking for her Birth Records, which is when the Orginal Show Started, and I was Squeesinf whenever I got that reference/inside joke for the long term fans. Secondly I wasn’t sure about Musa being a mind fairy especially the way they describe it, but I know think is so much cooler that being simply just a Music Fairy and Remember in the First Movie whenever the Winx Graduated from Alfea, Musa Gift was that she hear the song in each person’s Heart which goes well with being a mind-fairy. Plus Musa says to Riven that she just to be a Dancer. Another thing I really liked was the character of Sam because I think that his and Musa’s relationship was so cute. However I don’t that Terra replaced Flora, and in the first episode and also in the teaser Trailer, so that people would stop calling them racists, they had Terra say, I like Plants, I know Earth-Fairy called Terra likes Plants, Shocker(!) I have a cousin called Flora. That dialogue would like me saying my name Katie, I like Gardening, i have a cosion called Anne (I don’t but you know.) See it just doesn’t flow. Plus why would you mention a cousin instead on your Brother, Sam? It is racist to detetle a Character, the Winx will always be Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha, Okay Brain Young?
You may of noticed that they also don’t have a Tecna, which really upset me because she is one of my favourite characters, but after talking to some fans, it is possible that she might be a Specialist, remember the Whole Woke thing Fate is trying to do, they had many articles on Boys can be Fairies too, it is the 21st Century without saying anything mean full about it all. Honestly it would be cool if the talked ajout the separate between Fairies (Male and Female, I’m not sure what you call a Male Fairy so I googled in and using Tinkerbell’s World For them, Sparrow Men and The Girls are simply called Fairies) And have there be a Warlock Class of Witches and Wizzards, Obviously there are some in between and stuff but those are the basics, then as sad as it, knock down Cloud Tower (which is really cool in design with a beating heart and moving snakes heads) and have One School, I think it would be called Alfea however I don’t know if that fits because it debited from Alphea meaning healer, wholesome and an Alphea Plant is known as The Common Hibiscus, look it up it a Beautiful Flower, but yeah with a renamed Alfea, Spilt in two different Wings, One for Girls and One for the Boys (although Sex and all with still happen, it more because of Girls and Boys needing there own Space.) Then you classes are chosen by the type of Magical Being you are, So Tecna wouldn’t be able to do Flying Classes for Example but the Boys in this Version Can Do Magic like Potions and Levitating like The Witches Can. They is no Evil Group, Everyone’s is a just a human Being who can be Good or Evil, Witches can trans-species into Fairies by a high level spell that only a Special Doctor can preform and The Same for Fairies getting there Wings Cut off. What do you think? That would be so much cooler for Fate right? Anyways they are a few good things in that Show but not that many so yeah. I know you said you never watch that show, but those are things for you to consider.
Anyways I got on a tangition, I need to learn to better express my ideas. Anyways the next part of your text talks about my speculations on Riven, I was making things up, I know it doesn’t say his mum technically died, but I think it would fit because of Musa mum being dead, wouldn’t be cool if Riven and Musa shared our mum are both dead movement? It would be way better writing that what happened in Season 5 Episode 8, Serects of the Ruby Reef, Musa sharing a moment with Riven, about her mum and Music and then he gets all agitated and says he has to go, then Musa, Flora and Bloom see him out in the Courtyard with another Girl, Causing Flora to Say that Dog (Someone pointed this out on YouTube) and Not Kelli was Just Teaching to Play Gutair for Musa’s Sake, Seriously bad Writting there, Riven could of just slipped out, saying he needed the toilet, and then text Kelli saying he was post-phoning his Lesson until tomorrow and have the text be somewhat amingious so they make us the audiences think wait is he is cheating on her, but then have him come back into Musa and then have the Riven been taking Gutair and that what the text was all about thing later. See it just makes much sense and still has that Fake Out Moment!
Ofcourse Riven’s English Profile that those Fans read and long time ago and can’t cite but burned into their sub-conscious that why Riven acted that way, says it seems his mum let him for Money so it not nesscary that she is dead, you can do some much with Riven’s past because we know Zinch, Nato, Nothing, Not a Single Thing about it, I was listening ideas, but I sure your own ideas for the Fanfic will be or are amazing as you very smart. Were can I read it?
Yes the older seasons are better in terms of Writting, and better character writing (for the Winx) that part of the reason I love them more, it not just the nogalistia, I try to see the good in everything, my mum was a big believer in that, and she taught that into, I know the older seasons aren’t made for me, but I see oh that little detail cool or I like that or something. I think you have to remember that slot of winx fans are young or have a young mind and so they can’t see things clearly, like I have learning difficulties and I think alot of the fans I talk to have as well, because they have a Grade School Mentally or a Primary Mentally as we call it over here, because they pigeon hole Aisha into being a Tomboy or a Girly Girl, based on their personal preferences, as you wrote before but I didn’t really have anything that insight to comment on that because you summed everything up prefrectly, that how I just to think when I was 10-11 or so, but I am 19 now so I know understand that people are more complicated the labels they give themselves. I liked you amylase of the personality types, I don’t feel I know them well enough to comment, I am a Campaigner thou according to Myer-Byres Personality Type Quiz, well I was but whenever I last done it changed to a Meditation but I don’t feel like that me, I am more extrovert but because I am autistic, social events drain me and I lost some confidence in myself between the time I took the two tests, I don’t know exactly when I retook, but it was a few months ago, and I think had been struggling somewhat because of my autism and inability to fit in at times, luckily I have good friends and stuff, but sometimes it is hard knowing your on the outside looking in but want to be more socially, I saved the test on my phone, anyways the letters from a Campaigner are: ENFP-A to ENFP-T and Meditatiors are: INFP-A to INFP-T so I am certain I am a Meditatior. Anyways, the fact that I am autistic is a big reason why I have always related to Tecna, she does conform to Social Norms of What a Fairy should be and that one of the Reasons why I love her so much, I abosuletly love her Character Design Too. I
also love that Aisha’s Character is
Much Deeper that what you see
at first Glance and her Sporty Nature. After all Winx Club is all about Girl Power so obviously the Girls will break down barriers, people should be clapping this rather that trying to sniffle them into little boxes.
Yes, we both agree Tecna and Timmy are the Best Couple, followed by Flora and Helia, the Cutest Couple. Those were my favourites growing up, I think Sky is so bland but I liked him as a child because he made Bloom happy but seriously the guy has so little personality. Honestly thanks to your blogs I am now changing my mind and placing The Power Couple Aisha and Nex in third Place, then Stella and Brandon in 4th, Aisha and Nabu in 5th, Bloom and Sky in 6th, Riven and Musa in 7th and Aisha and Roy in 8th. Honestly there wasn’t anything likeable about Roy at all, you 100% right plus I thought his Blonde hair was Comically Bright, maybe that goes hand in hand with him being a Ken Doll? I can’t believe that someone in the fandom said that Nex was a Riven Double because he had character Delevopment. when I read that yesterday on your blog post, I was flastgabbed, I have no idea what to say to that, but again you have to remember those people have a Primary School Mentallity that honestly one of the most stupidest things I have ever heard, I think Winx would of benefited by Nex saying physically saying I am sorry I sabotaged the Obstacle Course to Roy, I wasn’t thinking about it could of hurt you, I was acting on impulse, becaise I am very completive and have Roy say you saved my life, we’re good man. Or something like that, it would of spelled things out and then there no misunderstanding and everyone would go – okay he a good guy, we still miss Nabu but as long as Aisha is happy that all that matters. Do you think that would of worked?
I am very happy to be reading you blog, you a great writer, anyways.
The Nex being Clingly was because of the Numerous text he sensed Aisha, how did you see as he was impulsive and didn’t think about the consequences of his actions, that seems Clingy to me? Thank you very much for you quick Answer, especially since you said that you won’t be answering Comments so Often Now, I wasn’t holding my breathe.
I going to see if any of my other comments are answered now.

Reply to  Katie
August 12, 2022 10:55 am


October 17, 2021 1:17 pm

[…] all the Winx’s love interests are shallow, Nabu was the most shallow because 1) he had no flaws, even though his backstory set up plenty for […]

November 8, 2021 6:01 am

[…] has one, but it’s irrelevant to his character. ?) We’ve known these guys for 3+ seasons, but we still know little about them. This new format is perfect for filling in the gaps in their characters and […]