Aisha/Nex Fanfiction: “Baby Steps” Update (Character Redesigns, Plot Progress)

A quick update on my Aisha/Nex fanfic Baby Steps. PirateHearts finished the redesign of Aisha! I’ll show her to you on her birthday (June 15) if it’s alright with them. Stay tuned!

Now they’re working on Nex. He needs the most help, design-wise and development-wise (my job), since the Winx fandom sees him as nothing but a “thug” and “Riven 2.0”. It’ll take a lot of work — and a solid, un-Riven-like story — to redeem Nex, but I’m up to the challenge.

Speaking of story, I wrote a loose outline of the first two chapters yesterday. I’m a pantser, so I like to set the scene and let my characters improv, rather than scripting every action and line. It’s more fun to write, too — harder, but freer.

Stay tuned for more details about Baby Steps!

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