Category: Fan Art

Winx Fan Art: Nex Relaxing

Winx fan art. Nex relaxing on the floor. Painted by BlueBlood99 on DeviantArt (

Winx Fan Art: Cuddling Cuties

Winx season 8 fan art. Aisha and Nex cuddling on the couch in the Winx's dorm at Alfea. Commissioned digital painting by anakareninart....

Winx Fan Art: Happy Birthday, Renata! (2020)

You remember Renata, right? She’s my Winx next-generation fairy, Aisha and Nex’s daughter. Her power is rain. I commissioned fan art for her parents’ birthdays (here and here), so it only seemed right to finish the set. But I wanted to do something different than another party. So I...

Winx Fan Art: “Night at City Park”

Another Winx fan art commission! Aisha and Nex on a date at night at a city park. Digital painting by Seyumei (