Aisha and Nex in Winx Season 9: What If They’re Not a Couple Anymore?

So, Winx season nine looks like a reboot of the series, after all. (I still think it’ll be aimed at preschoolers, but I won’t talk about that again today.) Naturally, since Nex wasn’t in the first several seasons, the big question is: will Rainbow keep him around?

Of course, the Winx fandom hopes the answer is “no”. They’ve pretended Aisha and Nex weren’t a couple for the past several years. I was sad (but not surprised) when I discovered after I stop posting on Instagram, hardly anyone has posted about this couple since.

The fandom is obsessed with Nabu, so they’d be happy to see him come back and never see Nex again. If that happens, it’ll be like that phrase repeated in The Princess and the Frog: “You got what you wanted, but you lost what you had.”

Anyone can write a basic fairy-tale couple with a “charming prince” as the love interest, and anyone can invoke clichés like destiny and soulmates to sell their relationship. Disney has been doing that for decades. It works because the audience doesn’t have to think — just feel. (Once you start thinking, most of those love stories fall apart.)

But it’s not easy to write an authentic couple with a deeper message to their love story. Aisha and Nex have all the elements. They just don’t have the right writers to bring them together.

I’ve said it before: Winx Club is the wrong story for this couple. If Rainbow throws Nex away, maybe it’ll be a blessing in disguise. I’ll finally get to prove my point without worrying about how this show might screw things up.

The Pursuit of Better Stories

My continued goal is to build a new audience for Aisha and Nex who can appreciate the ideas and dynamics woven into their relationship. That’s where comes in. It’s not a Winx blog — it’s a storytelling blog revolving around this couple.

Promo for the “Critical Role” animated series “The Legend of Vox Machina”, premiering next February
Promo for the Critical Role animated series The Legend of Vox Machina, premiering next February

My inspiration isn’t Winx Club anymore, but other more intriguing stories. Anime creators are master storytellers. (Well, some of them.) And people like Matthew Mercer of Critical Role and voice acting fame astound me with their creativity.

The Crit Role players are amazing, too, with the backstories and quirks they come up with for their characters. For example (without giving too much away), one character from campaign 2 was a grave cleric, a cleric who directs souls to the afterlife and helps the living cope with death. A central part of his character was how he liked to drink homegrown teas, which he named after the people buried under the tea plants!

When another character complained about him “cultivating dead people for good tea”, he replied, “Aren’t we all?”

Morbid? Maybe, but it was an interesting contrast with his gentle (and somewhat naïve) personality. Winx Club could never pull off a character like him.

The best part? The player made up that quirk on the spot. He didn’t plan it.

I wanna be that kind of storyteller. And I don’t just wanna tell cute or emotional stories. I wanna tell meaningful stories.

The Winx fandom doesn’t think that’s possible with Aisha and Nex, but that’s because Rainbow failed this couple. And even if Nex is in Winx season nine, this couple still won’t reach their full potential. If the last 10+ years have proven anything, it’s that Winx Club can’t handle Life or Death.

So you’re craving better stories, follow me to I haven’t posted there in a while, but knowing what might be on the horizon, I’ll get back into the swing of it just in case.

Also, I’ve bought a domain for a separate blog for my Winx reboot. Well, actually two domains: and I haven’t decided which to use yet. ? Which one do you like more?

Aisha and Nex will be a couple in this retelling, of course, but unfortunately, they’ll still be bound to the rules of the Winx universe. I don’t wanna change so much of the story that it might as well have nothing to do with Winx Club. (*Cough* Fate: The Winx Saga! *Cough*)

Bottom line: even if Rainbow breaks this couple up in Winx season nine, their love story will continue. And I promise it’ll be better than anything this show could have ever come up with.

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Will N
Will N
November 19, 2021 9:25 pm

An interesting look into your writing process. For your reboot, Winxwings! A little redundant, but the alliteration is catchy and you can do a 5W’s writing joke with the domain name.

When it comes to my process, being the book enthusiast that i am…I tend to take a look at the genre and place it to a specific character.

For example when I had the idea to attempt my various reboots of Winx one of them was…What if the original Mythix Wand Holders shared variants on names or their first names with some of the authors of the classics and were Acheron’s students before something went horribly wrong with Acheron leading to the eventual show? There was Carlos, Charlie, Liam, Jacobo, Jane (the lone girl for a particular plot point), Hans and a seventh boy who’s name wasn’t revealed at the time but now it is Frank. The overall idea was that these characters would experience events that would resemble their stories, Frank being the central character of course and wondering what kinds of messed up tales Liam and Jacobo were writing. Then the seven of them would have collectively used “Story power” to write Winx and the story would unfold in a new more cohesive way. The Wands in “the author analogs” also didn’t look like what the Winx got them as, but rather as something significant to one of their stories in addition to a food item. Jane has a mirror in the shape of a cupcake with a certain color of icing that “Belle” was told to ask the china cabinet about if she was unsure, Liam a green granny smith apple with a “pirate flag” stem, Jacobo a head of lettuce (what “Queen Adrianna” eats for which her Princess is named) with it’s roots getting a bit long around the wand, Charles a glass pumpkin, a seashell holding a peapod for Hans, A cherry sundae that changes size for Carlos and for Frank? A poppyseed bagel with strawberry creme cheese. Might revisit this now.

Will N
Will N
Reply to  Tori
November 20, 2021 10:03 am

That’s the thing about 6….so many good ideas, but so much terrible execution. I was also sort of going for “The Reader, Illustraitor, Editor and the Writer” are equally responsible for the damage caused in my reboot. It kinda felt like that’s what season 6 was trying to do, but fell flat.

Selena was the reader
Acheron the writer
Eldora the illustrator
The Winx as editors.

I mean we all know the later seasons are just the Winx doing PBS spoofs…sometimes good, sometimes…ah no. I feel like that’s an homage to the early days.

They started with Arthur’s voice cast in the first 4 seasons on the Cinelumè side and season 4 might as well be their take on it eh…Timmy?
Season 5-7 has that underlying Reading Rainbow reference with key books as well as Butterflix being a thing…”but you don’t have to take my word for it.”
Season 6 “What’s the story Wishbone!”
Season 7 “Anything to do with the Kratts”, although Kalshara did try to sound like Carmen…but more on the side of Janine LaManna and Brenda Burke who played her on the Time Gameshow….which is similar to Mari Devon in games following the end of the PBS shows as oppossed to Rita or Gina…and quite frankly…Brenda and Mari are the creepiest voices.

November 20, 2021 12:34 am

Honestly, I dont see them bringing Nabu back. I’m excited to see a full reboot and it’s the perfect way to bring Nex in from the start, skip the fandom drama and give his and Aishas relationship the love it deserves, if not up to previous writing quality. Maybe it will even bring Nex some fans who have no clue about Nabu or the drama, or change peoples perceptions of Nex. That’s my hope anyway. You’ve really been a big part of my attachment to him as a character, and the dynamic between him and Aisha.

Reply to  Tori
November 20, 2021 11:54 pm

Oh boy, now that you mentioned how the episode format for the WinX reboot is the same format as the other preschool TV series that Rainbow is working with, I am getting worried that the “toning down for children” is still on for the TV series.

I know this isn’t going to be like that “WinX” fan, but I really hope that the season 9 is a reboot in the other direction.

Will N
Will N
Reply to  Tori
November 22, 2021 6:45 am

Ain’t nobody Pixar. Even with the Disney side using their cheap knockoff style since Tangled. At least Tangled did have 2d backdrops with CGI for the characters though and the Tangled series did show what Tangled was originally going to look like in 2d. They really need to go back to Disney=2d, Pixar 3d.

Will N
Will N
Reply to  Tori
November 23, 2021 7:29 am

Their storyboards are always unique.

November 23, 2021 10:25 am

Can’t say I’m looking forward to the reboot, considering all they’ve done with the franchise but as always I will hope for the best. I am however looking forward to your retelling, I’ve been reading your posts dissecting the show and I can tell that it’s going to be really good!

Mostly what annoys me is how people act like criticising the show is a bad thing, I’m a Winx fan and while there is good, there’s also a lot of bad which I hate because the show has a lot of great concepts but poor execution (this is what inspired me to do a rewrite of the series).

They definitely should not bring back Nabu, not because he’s ‘different’, but because he’s just a poorly written character who clashes with Aisha’s story. I think Nex is a better fit because he’s a better character, he doesn’t just help Aisha grow to be a better person but he also experiences his own character development.

November 24, 2021 5:59 am

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